Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And Another Baby Makes 4.

 I know you are all anxiously awaiting my travel log from our most recent road trip...but seeing how I took almost 2000 pictures in a 2 week period, it will take me a bit to sort through them all. 

To entertain you while you wait for the details of our latest adventure, I decided to post some exciting news.

Are you ready??

Wait for it...

Drum roll please...

My parents ACTUALLYdid take baby pictures of me, their 4th child.

(Ha!Ha!  You all thought that I was pregnant!!  I am NOT.)

But trust me, the baby-picture news really is exciting.  I had never seen very many baby pics of myself because I was born at a time when slides were the "in" thing.  Unfortunately, slides don't work very well when you are asked to do those elementary-school "Timeline of Your Life" projects so I would have to draw my baby-self onto my poster board.

(At this point in my poor-me story, my siblings are probably rolling their eyes.  Love you guys!)

Anywho, my brother-in-law figured out a way to take all those old slides and turn them into jpegs.  He then made a CD for us all and Voilà! I saw some of my baby pictures for the very first time. 

I'd say that's pretty exciting news!

My mom made my blessing outfit; which I had also never seen until I was pregnant with Miss B.  My mom  found my dress in the garage in an old box and Miss B got to wear it for her blessing.  Pretty cool, huh?

This is what we like to call my "balding stage" when all of my jet-black baby hair was falling out to make room for my childhood blonde hair.  I think this picture kind of makes me look like a baby-faced-jovial-old-man.

My first birthday.  Awww.

Hmm...I don't remember my childhood being this orange.  (Thank you, While You Were Sleeping)

The top-knot, the pink-polka-dot-poodle pants, the big yellow coat...ahhh, childhood at its finest.

Now I understand why everyone used to pinch my cheeks and tell me I looked like Shirley Temple.
Whoa!  Check out the awesome red corduroy jumpsuit!!  Just Awesome.

Even better--a hot pink pantsuit and Farrah Fawcett hair!!  I'm pretty sure these are back in style now.

And now we are finished with my fun trip down memory lane. 
What do you think, do my kids look like me?


stephanie said...

You look exactly like Miss B, or actually she looks like you!!!!!
I'm so glad you finally got your baby pics!! They are beautiful!!

Becca said...

Adorable!! Too funny about everything being on slides, though.

my family said...

well that is so cool, precious picts

Nicole said...

It is funny to look at those pictures because in some I see Fearless and in others Mr. T and in some Miss. B. Too cute!

Heidi said...

Ha! I thought you WERE going to say you were pregnant!

I agree with Nicole. I see some of all of your kids, just different ones in different pictures. You were a cute little girl!

krlr said...

Oh my! You were an adorable baby!

Funny about the the slides - all of mine are on slides too. Every now and then I'll scan a bunch & post them (too). (I think we had matching corduroys!) Your BIL is awesome - it's time consuming!

I hear you on the younger children syndrome. My younger sibs' stack o' photos? MUCH shorter than my own. Whoops!

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