Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week In Review

It has been quite a week at our house this past week or so. Lots of different things going on, so this will be a random smattering of info post.

Last weekened was Miss Banana's baby blessing and lots of family came to visit. T-Man and Fearless had so much fun playing with all of their cousins but Miss Banana, the lady of the day, slept through a lot of it. After the whirlwind weekend, I realized how few pictures I had taken--what a bummer!

Here are few of Miss Banana--she wore the dress/bonnet that I wore when I was blessed--how cool is that?? Funny story--Dr. Corn got her dressed before church on Sunday and put her in the car before I was ready, so I didn't see her until we were walking into church. As I peeked into the carseat to see how she looked, I noticed that the bonnet was on upside down and backwards--oops! I guess we're still learning about all the girl accesories! We fixed the mistake and I think she looked pretty cute.

Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday I spent getting ready for a Garage Sale--I ended up getting rid of almost a whole vanful of stuff--yay for less stuff to have to move! Thanks a ton to Heather who helped me price everything and let me join her and her other friends for the sale. There is something freeing about getting rid of stuff and it's always a bonus when you make money doing it too!
Thursday was also a big day because we meet with Dr. Heart Surgeon at Children's to learn more about Anna's upcoming open heart surgery. Dr. Corn and I decided that Dr. Heart Surgeon struck the right balance of being confident and realistic about her surgery that we feel comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can be under the circumstances) with him performing the surgery. The surgery should take about 4-6 hours (possibly more). He was great at really explaining things to us--so now I have a much better understanding of what has to happen and the complications that could arise. Please keep praying that none of those complications happen and that Dr. Heart Surgeon will know what to do and that he will do it well.
After spending 5 hours in Omaha at Children's, we headed home to pick up the boys and noticed that Fearless had a MASSIVE bump on his head behind his ear that was making his ear stick out funny. So, since we hadn't had enough of hospitals and doctors that day, Dr. Corn took Fearless to the ER to figure it out. After a CT scan and various other tests, it was determined to be a bug bite that has gotten infected. So now we are on a round of antibiotics for him. It's bubble gum flavored though, so Fearless thinks it's a treat.
This week is kind of a down week--the calm before the storm of next week maybe? I'll keep everyone updated. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support--I will probably requesting more next week as we head into surgery.
Next week I'll try to update as things happen so one post isn't quite so busy!


Kate said...
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Lisa R said...

How adorable, I love her cute little blessing dress and the bonnet to match!!! Girls are so much fun! You are in our prayers and I hope you feel the love and comfort of our Heavenly Father during this time. It is amazing how quickly the human body can heal. She will come through like a champ!

The Mussertons said...
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Deb said...

Wow! You are amazing. We are praying for you always. xoxoxoxoxo

Nicole said...
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Heidi said...
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Jill said...

Your family is in my prayers. I love you Care Bear.

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