Friday, July 15, 2011

From the mountains.

Nothing says "Summer" quite like being sardine-packed into a mini-van for a 25 hour road trip to the mountains.
Yes, we did bring T-Man with us, if you look closely, you can see him in his little spot in the back.
 The little ones did surprisingly well.  They only watched one movie the 1st day and one movie the 2nd day.  Not bad.  And, we only have New Hampshire, New Jersey, Hawaii, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont, North Dakota and New Mexico left to find in the License Plate game.  (or, if you are from The South, the "State Tags" game.)

The drive was well worth it for these views:

The mountains (and the Salt Lake City Temple) are grand and majestic.  Even though I'm a full-fledged beach-person, it is awe-inspiring to spend some time in these beautiful places.

More to come.


Cindy said...

Looks like a fun road trip! We leave on our trip in September. We've taken many road trips before, but this is the first time there will be 7 of us in our 7 passenger van!

I LOVED the picture of the inside of your van!! Reminds me so much of our trips!

krlr said...

I want to make a joke about Oakies but a/probably not appropriate in these economic times, b/OK & TN aren't even bordering states, and c/I'm pretty sure they didn't have AC. Sounds like a fun trip though!

Amy said...

UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss those mountains!!

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