Meet the Family

Carrie--Me. The one who would go to school forever if possible. The one who likes to try new things. The one who writes. The wife. The mom.

Dr. C--The wonderful husband. The Agronomy Professor. The farmer at heart. The one who lovingly walks through life with me...even when Carrie unnecessarily make things wild and crazy.

T-Man--The oldest. The little man. The one who thinks he's just a short adult. The one who can talk more than anyone. The one who has more questions than the world has answers.

Fearless--The middle child. The wildcard. The passionate one. The one who constantly makes us laugh but also ends up in trouble the most.

Miss Banana--The youngest. The one who radiates joy and happiness. The one who has a certain magic that cannot be explained...but is deeply understood after five minutes with her. The one with the almond eyes and the extra 21st chromosome.

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Robert said...

Hey Carrie,

I will be in DC all week, and I will have a chance, especially on Thurs/Fri/Sat, to see what interest I can drum up with the Fun Run this summer.
I will have a chance to meet with the NDSC leadership on this as well.
Thanks for the promotion.
Bob Schoen

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