Monday, January 9, 2012

Avoidance Blogging. Alternate Title: The Moving Month

Some of you may have wondered what happened to your Midwest-girl-turning-Southern-belle over the past month. 

Well, I'll tell you.

I've gone back to being just a straight-up Midwest-girl. 

More on that in a bit.

In the meantime, I should let you know that I've been practicing a form of blogging that I like to call "Avoidance Blogging".  Let me explain.  Usually, blogging is some sort of therapeutic activity...a place to jot down thoughts,  record events, a platform to promote ideas and discussion. 

In Avoidance Blogging, you don't do any of that. Instead, you simply own a blog, and don't write on it.  Easy-peasy, huh?

I guess I should clarify though--Avoidance Blogging isn't simply forgetting to blog--it's much more involved than that.  In Avoidance Blogging, you think about your blog and you may even mentally compose several posts. And almost daily something happens that makes you think you really should be posting about this or that.

But, unfortunately, there are SO MANY of those things running through your head and so many different things occurring in your life, that you completely avoid your blog (hence the name) in hopes that things will settle themselves back into nice neat little happy posts with out any record of the chaos in between.

Avoidance Blogging.  If you haven't already tried it, you probably will.

Now that we are settling into some type of normalcy and the upheaval of our lives and emotions has finally subsided, I am leaving my stint as an Avoidance Blogger.   Instead, I will condense the past Moving Month into one, devoid-of-emotional-angst post--complete with an almost daily breakdown of what has been happening and a smattering of pictures.

Here we go.

The Moving Month:
Dec. 1--Our First home is officially back on the market.

Dec. 2--Our friends-that-are-family have a going away party for us.  During which, I fail to take any pictures because somehow it would have made the fact that we were leaving seem more real.

Dec. 3-17th--Dr. C leaves for Iowa, leaving me alone with our three-children and a house that has to be constantly kept "show-ready".  We have various showings during this time, but no offers.

Dec. 5th--Dr. C starts his new job.

Dec. 9th--Church Christmas party and sitting on Santa's lap.

Miss B was not a fan of the guy in the red suit.
Dec.17th--Dr. C flies back to Memphis.  The kids and I drive the 3 hours to pick him up.  After six hours in the car, when we return home, we spend 3 hours moving everything out of the attic down to the garage and bringing everything in our storage unit back to our house for the movers.  (P.S. A big thanks to our friends-that-are-family for watching the kiddos and helping us move all of our junk belongings.)

Dec. 14th, 15th, 19th--Miss B's last days with our Kids Therapy Spot/Early Intervention family.

Miss B with her first boyfriend.
Miss B's Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist
Miss B's Speech Therapist
Miss B's Physical Therapist
Miss B's Service Coordinator

Dec. 18th--Our last Sunday with our church family in The South.

Dec. 19th--The movers arrive and start packing up all of our things.  Miss B's amazing school, The T.K. Martin Center, holds their annual Christmas party and Miss B attends for the first and last time.
Miss B's lovely teacher.

Dec. 20th--The movers finish packing up and all of our belongings and head back to the Midwest.

Dec. 21st--The boys have a half-day of school; their last day at Sudduth Elementary.  Some people come and look at our house while we are doing our final cleaning and loading up the van to overflowing.  We leave our Southern Home and head to St. Louis for Christmas.

Dec. 24th--Christmas Eve.  Complete with the annual Clam Chowder & bread sticks dinner.
T-Man making a funny face.
Dr. C wearing the crown from his popper thingy.
After dinner, we spend the evening by the fireside, and read the Christmas story.  A perfectly lovely Christmas Eve.

Dec. 25th--Christmas Day.  We wake up, open our stockings, stop, eat breakfast, go to church, come home, eat lunch, and don't even start opening presents until 4PM.  And my kids are okay with it.  Miss B had started feeling bad on Friday and by Sunday morning, she is looking pretty sickly.  She still perks up enough to open presents.
Miss B loves this FurReal cat thing.  The rest of us think it is a slightly possessed toy that really should have an on/off switch.  It is currently residing in a corner of the basement, facing the wall.  Please don't tell Miss B where it is.
T-Man, the Bounty Hunter
Miss B signing "help" as in "GET THIS DOLL OUT OF THE BOX FOR ME, NOW!"
Dec. 26th--Dr. C leaves St. Louis for Iowa to meet our moving truck.  He is unable to return until Thursday night.  Miss B wakes up feeling worse.  We go out to lunch with my very good friend E.Lee who I hadn't seen in over a year. 

That night, Miss B takes a turn for the worse, and a new adventure begins.  We start at the Urgent Care center, they give her a breathing treatment but think she is too sick for them to handle.  We are then sent to the ER.  The ER spends 5 hours giving her meds (which she promptly spits back out), lots of tests, 2 breathing treatments, and then decides she is too sick for them to handle.  After a lovely ambulance ride, we end up at St. Louis Children's Hospital and a definitive diagnosis of RSV and bronchiolitis.

We are there for a week.

Miss B staying with us is touch-and-go for a couple of days there.  She spends some time in the PICU and her IV faithfully pumps her little body full of fluids and steroids and eventually antibiotics.

(Have I ever mentioned how thankful I am for modern medicine???  My little lady would not be with us today without it.

On the flip side though--those high-tech monitors with all of their wavy lines and different beeps could very likely drive a parent insane.  Any parent who has spent some time in the hospital with a child knows what I'm talking about.

There's the beep.        beep.       beep.--the one that means something is up, but you just have to hit the silence button and keep an eye on it.

Then there's the higher-pitched, faster-- Beep! Beep! Beep!--which means it's time to call the nurse.

And then lastly, the panic-invoking, fear-inducing--BEEP!!!BEEP!!!BEEP!!!--that means it's time for you to run into the hallway and scream for someone to get there RIGHT NOW, #$&*  IT, AND TAKE CARE OF MY BABY!!!

I hate the beeps.

Just sayin'.)
Dec. 31st--Miss B's very nice doctor brings us a bottle of sparkling grape juice for the evening.  Dr. C and I toast the New Year with styrofoam cups at 8PM. Then Dr. C leaves and spends the rest of the evening at my parents' house with the boys so they would have at least one parent for the holiday celebration.  I spend the evening watching The Big Bang Theory marathon on some random channel. 

Most unusual New Year's Eve ever.

 Jan. 1st--Miss B finally busts out of the hospital on New Year's Day--my 30th birthday--and we load up the van and make the rest of the journey to our new home in Iowa.  Probably my most unusual birthday ever as well.

Jan. 2nd-Unpacking and settling in begins.

Jan. 3rd--Dr. C heads back to work; I get the boys registered for their new school.  That night, we head to our first Iowa caucus where we hand-write our ballots and turn them by placing them in a plastic sack.  Afterward, we check out the Mitt Romney Caucus Night party.

The press area--holy cow, there were a lot of cameras.  Not to mention all the wandering camera people.  Wowzas.
 The kids and I only stay for a few minutes (it wasn't exactly a kid-friendly event).  Dr. C takes us home and then goes back for the speech.  Definitely a unique experience.

Jan. 5th--T-Man and Fearless are supposed to start school, but pick up a nasty stomach bug instead.  I'm still not sure that it wasn't at least partly psychosomatic, but due to the fact that there was actual throwing up involved, the first day of new school is delayed.

Jan. 7th--In need of furniture for our new house that has a completely different floor plan from our old house; we drive the two hours to Omaha to the Nebraska Furniture Mart.  We returned victorious with a new sectional precariously tied to Dr. C's truck.

Jan. 8th--Our first Sunday in our new ward.  Everyone was perfectly welcoming--some new friends invited us to dinner that evening and we had a lovely time.

And finally--if you've made it this far--Jan. 9th--T-Man and Fearless started their new school.  T-Man loved it, Fearless is not sure yet.  I'm crossing my fingers that he will love it soon.

No, he didn't take the sword to school.
And that my friends, wraps up the recap of The Moving Month. 
Here's hoping I don't need to practice Avoidance Blogging again anytime soon.


ch said...

What a wowzer of a MONTH! Glad you're getting settled in your new spot! So happy you found yourself at St. Louis Children's as well. I can't say enough good things about that place. I'd recognize those hospital rooms anywhere. xoxoxo Here's to a less frantic 2012!

Kimberly said...

Glad Miss B is on the mend. Your year is just going to be better now.

Amy said...

So glad that things are settling down now! I totally have participated in Avoidance Blogging too. All of us here miss you guys!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

OMG! What a crazy month! This post had a little bit of everything in it...I laughed my butt off at the avoidance blogging portion and I love that name for it! I cried about Miss B's hospital stay. And I was thrilled that it looks like your new home/neighborhood is going to be great. Here's to a better January for you all!

my family said...

omg what a month. Glad Miss B is better. RSV kicks butt....William had it the week before christmas last year with pnemonia and that was a difficult recovery. happy you all are settling in, Ive been the aviodance blogger lately too. So much going on dong have the energy to blog about it all:)

Mel said...

Miss you guys already! So relieved little banana girl is better. About killed me to see those pics of her in the hospital. Hope you're settling in well! love, melissa O.

Anonymous said...

Normally I'm a lurker, but I just wanted to say how happy I am to hear your family is on the mend.

Gabe Stirling said...

December 2010 was a very busy month for you and your family, Carrie. I think your kids had a hard time saying goodbye to their fellows. Anyway, it's nice to read that your movers did their best in packing and moving your things. At least you didn't have to worry about all those things. Hehe! It's been years now, and I hope you're enjoying your place. Isn't it great to move from one place to another? :)

Gabe Stirling @ MyNinjaMovers

arish h said...

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