Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Other Side of the Card.

While I am currently focused on our upcoming move and in the thick of trying to keep my house clean for potential buyers (Side note: Anybody want to buy my house?  And: Please don't make me go through the work of getting/keeping my house ready to show if you aren't going to buy.  Just sayin'.) I am attempting to mix in at least a few of our annual Christmas traditions.

One of which is our annual Christmas card pictures.  I was happily getting the kids in their Christmas picture clothes, when our realtor called and told me some people were coming to look at our house in an hour and 15 min., and could we please be out by then?

At which point, Dr. C and I cranked the stress level up about 50 notches, threw the Christmas-pic clothes on the kids, buckled them all into the van, turned on Charlotte's Web and then frantically ran back inside to do some last-minute OCD arranging of the towels in the linen closet cleaning.

By the time we drove away, my once-happy-children had been imprisoned sitting in the van for almost an hour, Charlotte had long since died and that Norman-Rockwell-Christmas-picture ideal died with her.  (Note to self: Next time I put the kids in the van to frantically clean, choose a reeeaaaalllllly long movie.)

We went anyway.

I did get a *few* good ones...enough for the card...but I got a wholelotta bad ones.  Lovely.

Here is a sampling, for your viewing pleasure.  (Displeasure?)
Freed from the confines of the van, Fearless takes off the moment we get unbuckled.  Takes several minutes to bring him back. 

Don't be fooled by this cute pic--T-Man was pinching Fearless on the back.  Nice. 

T-Man: I will fake smile now because I know I'm in trouble for pinching.
Miss B: There is drama happening, so I must cry.
Fearless: "Mooooooommmmmy...T-Man PINCHED me!"
We are lucky to be alive after receiving that look.
Now it's T-Man's turn to run away.  Yay.
This cry was legitimate, fell down and scraped her knees.  So sorry, little love!
Miss B to T-Man: "Why the heck are you smiling?!?"

Another legitimate sad face...Fearless cut his hand a little on something and no amount of band-aids, kisses, reassurances would make it better.  On a positive note, T-Man shaped up after the pinching moment.

And now she's outta there.
The End.


The Mussertons said...

Love the pics! I so hear you on showing the house to people who are just 'lookers'! I would get so frustrated to hear, 'they love the house but they aren't ready to buy anything yet' over and over again! Good luck with your showings! :)

Talley Images said...

aww - I thought you were going to call me for pics this year... :)

krlr said...

Sorry, but those are still adorable, tears and take offs included. Good luck w/your house (ugh).

krlr said...

(also sorry I made fun of minivans today. I have excellent timing - whoops!)

Cindy said...

Your kids are so cute. Tears and scraped knees and pinched back and all!

So did the people who came to look, buy?

Sally Carter said...

Hey Carrie! Just catching up with how you're doing - been working for the first time in years so I'm all behind on how everyone is. Hope Christmas was a blast, and your moving goes smoothly - from one family in perpetual motion to another - happy and settled New Year! :)

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