Monday, August 8, 2011

Partially Empty Nest

Whenever my kids reach a new milestone, I always start thinking about the related milestone that will happen later on.  Like when T-Man first took off riding his bike around the corner without me holding on or even being able to see him--I was proud as punch but my mind's eye flicked ahead to the first time he will pull the car out of the driveway, new license in hand, and drive away on his first solo adventure.  That little bike ride is a major step for him and is a preparation for the future for me.  We both grow a little in that moment.

Today was one of those days.  With Fearless starting Kindergarten and T-Man heading into 2nd Grade, we've reached a milestone.

As Dr. C drove them away this morning and Fearless stuck his head out the window with one last, "I love you, Mom!" My mind's eye flashed forward to years down the road when they would be heading off to college and a majority of what goes on in their lives will occur without me.

Miss B and I missed them almost instantly.  Miss B felt the need to make extra amounts of trouble (I'm assuming to try to fill in for her brothers while they were away) and the need to attach herself to my leg, hip, arm--whatever she could grab at the moment.   And, while it was nice to only have one munchkin to control at the grocery store, when we got back home for lunch and nap time, the house seemed eerily quiet.  Is  this what having an "Empty Nest" will be like?

 Even though my mind pushes me forward to prepare for that first-day-of-college moment, my heart is grateful for today; when, at 3:05, my little men and our carpool friend hopped into the van, their happy chatter filling and replacing any nervousness and sadness I had about them being gone.  Miss B was all smiles and the balance of life in our world was restored.
We all grew a little on this First-Day-of-School Happy/Sad Day.

P.S. Miss B starts preschool in a few weeks; then I will have a few hours to myself.  I wonder what that will be like?!?

P.P.S. I would guess that by next week, I will be relishing the time that I have to get things done while the kids are at school...and enjoying the time that I have with them as much as ever.


my family said...

well thanks for the tears, lol I totally understand what you mean.
The girls started school yesterday and william doesnt start until next monday....he was quite lost without them yesterday:(

Sunnie said...

My only child moves into her college dorm on Saturday.......*blink* *blink*
Enjoy every second of it because I swear mine was 3 just yesterday!!
Sunnie in NC

krlr said...

Pleeeaaasssee tell me what it's like to have a few hours free each day! Enjoy!

Kristin said...

My 5 yr old told me today that she wasn't going to college because she doesn't want to leave me - ahhh.
P.S. just sent you a pinterest invite :)

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