Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miss B Becomes a Fashionista

Miss B has started taking charge of getting herself dressed in the morning. Yesterday, after picking out a stunning stripped dress, she decided to spice things up and add on some of T-Man's plaid shorts.
Apparently, that wasn't quite the look she was going for.
Instead, a pair of T-Man's gray undies, which she later further accessorized with pizza sauce, were needed to complete the ensemble.
Then, she was quite the happy little fashionista. 

Doesn't Lady Gaga wear some outfits like this?   
 I would have thought that T-Man would voice some objections to his underwear being used as a girly accessory, but Miss B worked her magic and all was forgiven.

P.S. Please also note the hairstyle...that is the hairstyle she gets when she runs away from her mom hairstylist mid-ponytail.  I'm think it's a perfect 'do for the outfit, don't you?


Kimberly said...

That last picture is great. I wish I could get one like that of my three. Also, my bear cub pretty much lives in a similar hairstyle as we cannot get her to sit still while we put her hair up pretty much ever.

lauraj said...

Oh my goodness Carrie...I swear you have the cutest kids ever! They are so sweet. Glad I got a chance to meet them all :)

Alex's Mom said...

She is so cute....and I love her style...

JamiLeigh said...

I'm new to your blog. Your blog is in my group of blogher blogs. I just thought I'd say hello.

Your little "Miss B" is beautiful. She has great style! I have a little sister with Down's Syndrome who just turned 13:

Having family members with disabilities changes your whole life - in an awesome way. Doesn't it? :)

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