Thursday, June 2, 2011

Medical Adventures with Miss Banana: Feeling Better and Home.

In the not-to-distant past, an episode like the one Miss B just pulled might mean I would be coming home without her.  But thanks to the wonder of modern medicine...she's almost back to herself.

I have a serious love for modern medicine. 
This is what my girl is supposed to look like--happy, smiley, full of mischief. 

I'm so glad she has returned.

Dr. Kids-BeachBumEdition came in this morning (complete with bermuda shorts and white golf shirt) and said Miss B's lungs sounded clear and that we were free to go home.  While I still hold a grudge against that man for giving Miss B a drug that made me think she was having seizures, I appreciate him springing us from jail the hospital.
Hmm, what mischief can I cause while I wait for them to get rid of this blue arm stuff??  Ripping the cover off my Curious George coloring book is a good start.

Mommy, we should have done this earlier, it's so much easier to read this way.

That's my happy girl.  Love love love seeing her smile!

I just want to end with a big shout-out to everyone for their love, concern, thoughts, prayers and acts of service.  You know you have the best friends and family on the planet when you get home from the hospital and there are many, many messages on the machine, all checking on Miss B...when friends watch the boys at the pool so they can have some much needed fun-time, when dinner is taken care of without a thought from me, when the boys are watched all afternoon so Miss B and I could take a much needed 4-hour nap, when there are more offers of service than we could possibly use.  You all are amazing.  Thank you.

We love and appreciate you all.

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krlr said...

ohmygoodness is she ever cute! Thrilled she's better & that y'all (I'm practicing my southern!) were out of the hospital so fast. Not that it felt like a short stay to you, I'm sure.

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