Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tent and Beach People.

This is the post I was supposed to write before Miss B decided to take her little extra "vacation" at the hospital.  Let's hope we have more vacations like this trip instead of that one.

I needed to get out of The Village for a little bit...the city girl/traveler in me feels stifled when I am too long contained to the main highway going through town. 

Dr. C understands this about me; so on the Wednesday before Memorial Day, when I told him it was time we visited the Gulf, he obliged my impulse and we were in Gulf Shores, AL by Friday evening.

And seeing how we decided to visit a major resort town on a major holiday weekend, we were lucky to get one of the last three camping spots available.  It was divine providence, I tell ya.  Or at least, simply divine.

We were the Tent People among the hundreds of RVs.  Someday we might buy something more comfortable to camp in; but for now, I find a quaint pleasure in teaching my children the fun of "roughing it" and cooking over a fire.  My parents taught me, and now I get to instill the love of the outdoors to my children.  I grew up a Tent Person, and now my kids are Tent People too.

Of course our trip to the Gulf involved oodles of time at the beach. 

After spending a weekend at the Gulf, I've come to the following conclusion:

I was meant for the beach.

I completely and utterly fell in love with the Gulf...with it's pristine white-sand beaches that are as soft as flour, the refreshing cool breeze that makes kite-flying possible on any day, the gentle waves that are big enough for body boards but small enough to entice even the most timid child...I think a little while spent there would turn even the most devout mountain-person into a full-fledged Beach Person.

T-Man spent his time attacking the waves with reckless abandon.  He was determined to conquer, and conquer he did.  He earned his beach-person status the moment we stepped on the sand.
Miss B spent her time discovering the amazing qualities of sand...what it looks like when you pour it, how much it takes to fill up a bucket, what it tastes like.  I'm pretty sure she was about 75% sand when were done. 

Definitely a beach person.
And Fearless?  He did it all...riding the waves, digging in the sand, searching for the perfect shells, flying a kite...observing and testing...becoming a beach person.
The beauty and majesty and joy of that place soothed my soul in a way that few places can.
The best part?  Spending an entire weekend with my family--a whole weekend of happiness and memories that will not be forgotten.

We are definitely Beach People.

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Angela O said...

I love this post :) Thank you for sharing your trip, it looks heavenly!

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