Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pure Joy.

Oh my, two weeks without blogging?  How could that have happened??  I could tell you the intimate details, but I'll just sum up by saying we're good, our internet service provider is not, and now we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

We celebrated Miss B's 2nd Birthday dance-party style--complete with disco ball, bubble machine, strobe light, streamers, and lots and lots of balloons.

And my little lady was totally into it--with her make-shift rockstar dress and her love of being around people (and love of eating off of everyone's plates) she was one content little dancing queen.

Miss Banana showing off her new baby doll, new hairbow, and her sweet dancing moves.

(The afternoon of the party, I found this little girl t-shirt on clearance for $1 and thought it would work out...a few take-in seams later, it wasn't perfect, but it worked! Just ignore the chocolate cupcake marks.)
  I love seeing how she's grown and all the things that she "gets" now.  Like presents--this girl was totally into opening them up and checking out what was inside.  Her excitement with each gift was hard to miss. 
"Hmm, I wonder what's in this one?!?"

"What is it? What is it? What is it?"

"Ohmygosh!!  This is fabulous!!!"
The best part?  Being surrounded by friends-that-are-family, listening to their chatter and laughter with crazy-fun dance music playing in the background, feeling encircled by their love and friendship and happiness as we celebrated the life of my little Miss Banana.

Pure joy, I tell ya.  Pure Joy. 

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes and for your constant love and support and kindness to my family and especially my little Miss B.  We love you all.


Melanie Anne said...

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! You will love the temple! it is BEAUTIFUL! What a beautiful family you have and Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! Happy Easter!

Talley Images said...

Oh my goodness... is she not the cutest?!!!

Becca said...

So precious!!! Happy birthday, cutie pie!!

stephanie said...

Goodness!!! Love all the pics! but my very favorite is the one where Miss B is opening up that very fabulous outfit. AWW that face! I could just grab those cheeks and kiss, kiss kiss them!

And I love the shirt! What a score!

Amy said...

Thanks for having us!! It was so fun!! I LOVE that photo of her opening up that outfit!! SO CUTE! Can I get the pictures of Cameron???

krlr said...

Happy Birthday little one! Your mom takes fabulous photos & those chocolate cupcakes look yummy. Hmmm... am off to find more chocolate bunnies.

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