Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Smatterings.

The thing I love about holidays is that each one has fun memories and activities associated with it.  And while some holidays (most notably Christmas and Easter) also have major significances that need to be prominently taught and explained to my little ones, we thoroughly enjoy the various "extras" that are involved in the holiday celebration.  And since these events were spread over the course of a week or so--this is a mish-mash post of our Easter "extras".

T-Man is at the age where he knows what's real and what isn't...but he's not quite ready to let go of the magic yet.  Thus the REAL Easter bunny visited our house, but THIS Easter bunny, was fake.

Miss Banana actually participated in the egg hunts this year.  During the first egg hunt, I had to show her what to do--and she caught on, but at that point, the rest of the eggs were gone.
Egg Hunt #1

Miss Banana's Score: 6

Being egg hunt veterans, T-Man and Fearless knew exactly what to do. 
T-Man's score: A full basket  
Fearless' score: A full basket
At Egg Hunt #2, Miss Banana knew what to do, but there were many more kids that had the whole steady walking/running advantage.  Miss B gave it her all, but when a bigger kid runs up and snatches an egg out from under your hand right when you are about to pick it up, it's a bit hard to up your numbers.

Miss Banana's Score: 6
Fearless' Score: A full basket that he shared with his brother and sister
T-Man's Score: 1 
T-Man had a flawed strategy in which he only looked for/wanted to pick up the "golden egg".  This means that he ran around like a wild man looking for the egg until he finally realized that it was already found...he scrambled and found one last egg. 

Sorry, little man.

At Egg Hunt #3 at home, Fearless wore his new pjs that he found in his Easter basket...apparently he loved them so much he needed to wear them starting at noon.  They must have been lucky new pajamas--he and T-Man found every single egg.

T-Man's score: More than a full basket
Fearless' score: More than a full basket

By Egg Hunt #3, Miss B discovered that there was chocolate inside each egg, so the whole searching-for-eggs-for-the-basket thing was pretty uninteresting.  Instead, waiting for Dr. C or her big brothers to bring the eggs to her so she could glut herself on chocolate was much more entertaining. 

FYI, don't ever get in between my little lady and her chocolate--bad things will happen, my friend. 

Consider yourself warned.

We rounded out the "extras" with an evening of egg coloring.  I must admit this is one of my favorite holiday traditions of all--watching my children patiently, carefully, and creatively color their eggs...admiring their handiwork...seeing the joy on their faces as a common white egg becomes their Easter masterpiece. 

My children love it and I love to watch them love it.

And just so we don't forget the true meaning of the Easter Holiday, the REAL reason we celebrate--here's a little Easter message for you.  I hope your Easter celebrations were wonderful and joy-filled. 

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Kate said...

I cant believe how big your kids are getting!!! way way way cute :) It makes me want to come and visit!

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