Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still Counting.

By now you have all seen the horrible footage from the deadly tornadoes in the South.

The destruction and devastation is heartbreaking.

And too close to home.

A few days before those awful storms, we took a day trip to the Atlanta Temple while it was open to the public.  It was a whole day devoted to spending time together as a family, of teaching and learning and growing closer together.

Looking back, I don't know if that day would be as seared into my brain as much as it is now since those tornadoes tore through the South.  But now, I look at these pictures of my family and look at the pictures of the devastation across the South...and I'm counting my blessings.
Because these four people--Dr. C, T-Man, Fearless, and little Miss Banana--are precious to me.  And I am so, so blessed to have them.

The stories coming out of the storms are heartbreaking--a husband steps out on the front porch to see the storm and is never seen again.  An elderly sister leaves the safety of her house to try to save her two sisters-in-law living in mobile homes--her last act of bravery in a well-lived life.

So much loss in such a short amount of is difficult to wrap my brain around it.  It's hard to reconcile the beauty and tragedy that nature can produce. 

 And yet despite all the devastation, I am amazed at the blessings all around--the strength of community the South has, the love of neighbor, the willingness people have to serve, the increase of faith and the turning to God despite all hardship. 

Which leaves me counting my blessings. 

One by one. 

Still counting. 

2 comments: said...

Carrie, this is an awesome post. I think I am going to put a link to it from my blog. I hope you don't mind, it's just a really nice post. Heather

krlr said...

This is just gorgeous - gorgeous photos, family, & thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

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