Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Adventures With Miss Banana: Tubes

Dr. Ears wanted Miss Banana to have tubes put in her ears soon (we've been having lots of ear infections) and my choices of dates were 1)Two days before we left for Cali or 2)Sometime in December.  I voted for #1, and hoped that it would go well.

We had to go to the hospital in the village 25 min. away from ours...and we had to be there at 5:45AM, which was a bit early.  I just grabbed Miss B out of bed and stuck her in the car still in her pjs...hoping she'd go back to sleep.  No such luck.  She was still in a good mood though!

(Notice all the red marks on her face...those are from Dr. Eyes who examined her a few days before--which she they had to use some little tool to keep her eyes open while he looked at them.  Dr. C said she was screaming and kicking and sobbing...poor kid!  When they got home, it looked like she had been beat up!  I'm so glad I didn't have to go to that appointment!)

Her good mood lasted all the way until they brought her back from surgery--which was blessedly short.  After having open heart surgery where she was on a heart bypass machine for over 2 hours and we didn't get to see her for almost 7 hours...the 35 minutes of waiting for her to come back for this surgery went by fairly quickly.

She was still a little doped up in these pictures!

Now the anesthesia is starting to wear off...

And here she is reaching for the camera and trying to cause mischief--a sure sign that she was feeling more like herself.

Dr. Ears and the nurses were surprised that she wasn't completely cranky when she got back--I guess they see a lot of kids that are pretty mad as the anesthesia wears off...but not Miss B; she took the whole thing in stride.  My daughter is a rockstar!

I think the tubes are already helping--especially with her balance...before tubes, Miss B was cruising around furniture some, but she would fall a lot.  Now, she can even stand up by herself in the center of the room and she cruises around furniture and pushes her little shopping cart around the house like a pro.  I think walking is just around the corner.  Yay!

P.S. A few weeks ago, Katie commented on this post.  Katie--Congratulations and welcome to the family!  And I would love to follow your blog and to learn all about your new little one--I hope you all are doing well!


Emily said...

She IS a rockstar! Congrats on the cruising!

Kate said...

Tubes are seriously the best, I have had to have them for at least 5 years, and I will be 20 next month and I just got them redone this year! They help a tremondous amount! I am glad she did so well with the surgery, and yes- she is a rockstar. :)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

so happy the tubes surgery went well and that they seem to be helping with her balance and hearing. the only way we knew the first set (july 2009) fell out was in december when we had an appt and a tympanogram showed fluid in both ears - we weren't able to get into the doctor and then scheduled for surgery until march of 2010 but since getting "t tubes" in march there has been a HUGE difference. i am not sure if speech therapists do therapeutic listening or just OTs but hopefully your ot will know something about it if you think it would help :) not sure how to tell the difference between "not being able to filter" and just "selective hearing"... pretty sure whitney has both :)
have a great weekend!

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