Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Fabulous Break From Reality

Last week, Dr. C had a conference in California. 

And I went with him. 

Without the kiddos.

It was fabulous. 
Well, not just fabulous...more like FAB-U-LOUS.

We stayed here:

And woke up in the morning to this view:

Headed to the aquarium, where I saw lots of these:

I had my strawberry lemonade served to me like this:
We did a sunrise 5K Run on the beach and it looked like this:

One afternoon, I convinced Dr. C to skip all of his "important" conference meetings and head to the beach with me instead.

Where we saw this:
And this:

We rented beach cruisers for the afternoon and Dr. C bought his first pair of flip-flops since elementary school.

And of course spent time at the edge of the water:

Where we saw two dolphins (not a great picture but it was the best one I got):

We also drove around the Los Angeles was beautiful!
One afternoon we went out to Catalina Island, but we got there too late to do any of the tours/zipline/ we just wandered in and out of the quaint little shops.  Next time we go, we're definately doing the zipline.

And, just like that, the week was over and it was time to head back to reality--where we traded in palm trees for fall colors...

 And dolphins for alligators:
Many thanks go to Dr. C's parents for flying down to The Village and taking care of the little ones so we could have a week in paradise.


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Wilkerson Family said...

How fun! And those are beautiful pictures by the way.

stephanie said...

That looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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