Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cannabalism? Nah.

T-Man is starting to realize that beef comes from a cow, like the one we saw in the field the other day. Or that chicken is, well, chicken--with feathers and beaks and all that. The following occured as we were eating pork the other day.

T-Man: Pork comes from a pig. We eat pigs.
Mommy: Yes.
T-Man: Do pigs eat pigs?
Mommy: Not that I know of.
T-Man: But people eat pigs.
Mommy: Yes.
T-Man: Do people eat people?
Mommy: Umm....not usually.
T-Man: Yeah (thinking)...thumbs down.

And with that rating of cannabalism, the conversation ended.


Wright Family said...

Ha that's funny! You can always count on Tate entertain you with a cute remark.

Marisa said...

Kids are too much alike. We've had the same conversation MANY times at my house-although the whole people things has yet to come up.

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