Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maybe we should be doing drama class...

T-Man is terrified of going underwater. Anytime we are in the pool and just suggest going underwater, he employs the death grip and screams at the top of his lungs. Nice.

Knowing how to swim though, for me, is not optional. Not that I care if my sons are the next Micheal Phelps, but I do want them to be safe and confidant in the water. If my kids ever fall in the pool, I want them to know how to roll over and float or how to swim out. There are too many cases of kids drowning that could have been prevented if kids had some basic water skills.

(Enter swimming lessons, stage left)

Last night, I was telling T-Man that swimming lessons were starting today and that he would probably have to go under water.

(Cue T-Man tantrum, yelling, screaming, on the floor kicking/fist pounding, etc.)

Then, I remembered that the Dairy Store on East Campus is mecca to T-Man. So, using the fabulous parenting skill of motivation (aka "bribery") I told him if he was well-behaved and didn't throw a fit and did what his teacher asked him, we would get ice cream at the Dairy Store afterwards.

(End tantrum immediately, Cue smile & cheerfulness)
T-Man's line: "I'm so excited for swimming lessons! How many more minutes before we go?"

So today, he did fabulous and earned his ice cream. I'm happy that he did well but I'm afraid I'm not willing to go get ice cream EVERY time after swimming lessons, so I'm sure the drama will continue.

Maybe when we're done with these lessons, we'll do child acting next.


Marisa said...

Hurray!! Remember it's only bribery if you give it to them BEFORE they do their part. So don't feel bad about that one. Good Luck!

Courtney said...

Good Job! Next time move it up to two good swim lessons, then three and so on! (you could make him a little chart to make it visual)

Wright Family said...

ha, that's so funny! Who knows, maybe your "motivation" will pay off and Tate will be the next Phelps!

Lacy said...

I would love Parker to be the next Micheal Phelps. Look at all the cash he is rollin in! Actually, I asked Parker the other day if he wanted to start swimming professionally and he said "It sounds like too much work, can I try something else?"

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