Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rise Above It.

If we are going with the analogy that my recovery is like a roller coaster, then the beginning of last week was the slow, steady ratcheting upwards to the top of the first climb. 

And then, my kids caught a nasty stomach bug.
Then, I caught a nasty stomach bug.
And then, Dr. C caught a nasty stomach bug.

The remainder of the week, we spent plummeting downwards, going through a tight spiral once or twice, and then coasting to a stop at the bottom without enough momentum to get back up the next hill.

Nausea included.

I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I lost 9 lbs. in four days and Weight Watchers probably wouldn't approve of my method.

That little bit of reserve I had built up was completely wiped out.  Just getting off the floor of the bathroom and crawling to the bed sucked out any energy left and I needed a long nap to recover from that minor movement.

It didn't help that while I physically plummeting and stuck at the bottom, I emotionally threw a big, wet blanket over my roller coaster car and held quite a few pity parties underneath for myself.  Over dramatic words like always and never and ever and woe-is-me were the VIP guests.

The bad thing about pity parties is that, unlike a real party, pity parties don't find joy in anything.  Instead, they fester and chafe and feed irritability.  They are the anti-celebration of life.

Bah Humbug.

It took my family and friends to snap me out of it.  T-Man and Fearless performed in their first piano recital Saturday.  Their excitement and exhilaration at working hard and doing well was contagious.  Some of our friends watched Miss B for us so I could step out of the recital hall when my senses were overwhelmed and so Dr. C, who was still recovering from the stomach bug himself, could take it easy.

(I'd add the video and pictures of the recital, but my computer and camera are currently refusing to speak to each other.)

And on Sunday, T-Man and Fearless performed in the Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation at church and they did fabulously well.  Both of them stepped up to the microphone on their turn and confidently said their part, full of faith that what they were saying was true.

Fearless: Jesus showed love for others when he healed them.
T-Man: I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime I need, and He will give me the courage to do what is right.

And again, some friends took care of Miss B so I could stay for the whole time without being completely overwhelmed.

Those simple acts of service from friends and bright rays of confidence and faith from my children were what I needed to kick out woe-is-me and always-never-ever.  And with those anti-celebration guests gone, I was able to see my many blessings again. 

I was able to let the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throw off the wet blanket and the warmth of gratitude took its place.

And slowly, I am working again to rise above it and start ratcheting back up that next roller-coaster hill.

Up.  Up.  Up.

P.S. When I have an "attitude of gratitude" it is so much easier for me to rise above the pity parties that scratch at my door.  I pray that I will "live in thanksgiving daily".

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