Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spread the Word, End the Word

It is no secret that I love my little lady to the moon and back.

 She makes the world a little brighter, a little better, a little simpler whenever she smiles.

She makes  me laugh, she makes me think, she keeps me young and she ages me prematurely.

Her clinical diagnosis includes "mental retardation" but this girl is not a "retard".  She is smart and funny and full of life and joy.

And when you use the r-word to describe anything you don't like or when you think something is stupid or ridiculous, you are making fun of my little girl. 

When you use the word(s) "retard(ed)" you are being disrespectful to her journey in life; mocking her fight to make her life a daring adventure.

My little lady works harder, loves easier, and smiles brighter than anyone else I know.  She deserves respect.
So stop using the r-word.



Take the pledge to end the use of the r-word and spread the word that using the r-word is hurtful to people with intellectual disabilities.

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