Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer Travel Journal Part 6: Around the Cabin

I will get to all the Down syndrome related posts in honor of October, but my goal was to finish my Summer Travel Journal...if only because this blog also serves as our family scrapbook of sorts, and I would like our fun trip to all be here.  Please refer to Summer Travel Journal Part 1 where I warned you that my travel journal might be the modern version of the 80s horror of someone inviting you over to dinner and then forcing you to watch hours of slides from their recent vacation; only without the free dinner part.

And so I continue my epic travel journal series with some this-and-that from around the cabin.  And this time I'll let the pictures mostly speak for themselves.
Hot Dog Roast. 

What good camping trip with kids doesn't include a hot dog roast? 

Miss B loved the fire, the camp chairs, the mountain air...but hot dogs?  Not so much.  She'd rather starve herself than eat them.  Add hot dogs to the long list of foods Miss B finds completely revolting.  Aren't hot dogs supposed to be a standard kid food??  Maybe she just knows how bad they are for you.  Not sure why that knowledge doesn't extend to her love of Cheetos...


Connecting with the cousins was the only item on my kids' agenda for the week.  The boys were busy poking at ant hills, building rock and stick villages, swinging in the hammock, etc.  While I don't put many pics of my nieces and nephews on the blog (their parents should get to decide if they want pictures of their kids online); my kids had a blast.  I'm pretty sure they would have been more than happy to go home with one of my sisters' families.

Miss B and her cousin wearing reverse outfits one day.  Totally unplanned.

The backporch of the cabin was like a mini-HobbyLobby with project room.  There were enough crafting supplies back there to provide Martha Stewart's whole staff a month's worth of projects.  Despite the kids spending hours back there everyday, I think we used 1/3596842 of it.
Rock painting.
The best trivet for your hot pans you could possibly want.  Fearless made this one and we proudly use it just about every night.
Miss B's final product.  Jackson Pollock would be proud.
Family Pictures

This was the best picture we got of our family.  Yeah, probably not going over the fireplace.
My sisters and I had fun taking "engagement" pictures of each other.  Sadly, we look much older in this picture than we did in our actual engagement pics...but that's what 9 years and 3 kids and graduate school will do to you.

P.S. I did spare you of the picture they took of Dr. C grabbing my bum.
Ever tried to take a picture with 19 kids in it?  Fun stuff.
Love my family!


krlr said...

My family DOES just go to the movies! The fact that y'all have egg drop contests &, apparently, special hot dog roasting sticks is impressive. We got the jiffy pop bubble when we were kids & thought that was the end all. Beautiful photos, as always. xoxo.

Chanda said...

How did you put the trivets together? What did you use?

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