Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes, Kids Know Best.

Here's the Update from Miss B's big-girl bed transition.

Fearless is very protective of Miss B.  While he isn't always extra-careful with her himself, when other people are around, he is her personal bodyguard.  And if Miss B runs in the street (which is one of her fave things to do) Fearless is the first one to chase after her.  He looks after her, shares his snacks, helps her open marker lids so they can have a color-your-arms-purple party, gets her toothbrush ready at night, likes to help pick out her clothes and hairbows for the day, and always picks up an extra sticker/prize/treat for her when he gets one.  In short, he spoils her.  Don't get me wrong...they fight, just like all brothers and sisters do; but it's easy to tell Fearless has a special place in his heart for Miss B. 

(T-Man does too, but that's for a different day.)

Ok, with that background, let's go back to the bed-transition update.  Miss B has a twin bed; I put it in the corner and then put rails down the whole long side so that she wouldn't fall out.  The only open spot to possibly fall out of is the end of the bed.  And after doing the same set-up with both boys without having any problems, I was confident it would work.

Fearless knew better.

Fearless: Mom, we should put a rail at the end of the bed too.
Me: I don't think so, she would have to move around the bed A LOT to fall out all the way down there.
Fearless: But Mooooom, she could get hurt!
Me: You and T-Man never fell out the end.
Fearless: Let's get another rail.
Me (exasperated and thinking I know best and tired of the battle): Maybe next time I go to the store.
Fearless (unconvinced): um, okay.

I put Miss B to bed that night, and she was easy-peasy.  Didn't make a sound, didn't get out once, didn't cry...just went right to sleep, no problem.

At 1:34AM, I woke up to her screaming bloody murder.  In a sleepy-panicked-rush, I booked it to her new bed, only to find it empty.  With my panic level rising, I checked the end of the bed.

My poor little lady had fallen out the end, right into her empty laundry basket.  Just like Fearless had said would happen.

I would be screaming bloody murder too if I had been happily dreaming and all the sudden found myself falling into a laundry basket, wouldn't you??

Ack! What a bad-mommy moment! If I had just listened to Fearless, there wouldn't have been a problem.

Thankfully she was unhurt, just scared out of her wits.  Not that I blame her.

Back into the crib she went.

We won't be putting her in her big bed until we get another rail.

I really should have listened to Fearless.


Kristin said...

Oh no. Hopefully she won't remember the incident for next time :)

Chanda said...

Is it bad that reading this made me laugh?

Chanda said...

It is totally something that would happen to me

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