Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures in Educationland: Miss B's Evaluation and First Day of Preschool

Welcome to a new series here on Life As We Know It.  Now that Miss B is getting older, her education is moving to a more formal setting.  Because I am absolutely positive we will have Adventures in Educationland with her, this will be a continuing series involving our experiences.  And, because sometimes T-Man and Fearless have crazy education stories as well, we will not limit the stories to just Miss B.  Enjoy!

When we first told people that we were moving to The Village here in our little corner of The South, the majority of people expressed their concern over my children's educational opportunities.  And while some of those fears have been substantiated, I am always pleasantly surprised when they are not. 

Miss B's new preschool is one of those pleasant surprises. 

I had some misgivings about sending Miss B to preschool because she is not quite two and a half...but I felt that the Special Instructor (a lady that I love to pieces and would adopt into my own family) just wasn't as effective as a more structured educational program would be.  After having visited her Preschool and talking with the teachers and the director..I am confidant that I made the right decision.
Her school is located on the University campus, and is run by people with Master's or PhD's in special education or a related field.  University students studying pertinent subjects (educational psychology, special education, early childhood education, etc) spend a semester helping in the classrooms.  The class sizes are small (only 6 kids in Miss B's class), the classrooms are well supplied, and it's free.

I swear it's like someone read my preschool-wish-list, waved their magic wand, and *poof* Miss B gets everything she needs.  The founder of The Center has surely earned his spot in heaven.

Last week, Miss B went in for her first Educational Evaluation.  And it was frustrating and satisfying at the same time.  Knowing that this was the first of many pieces of paper that would be placed in her file, the pressure was on.  I was a bit panicked during the test because there were somethings that I knew she could do, that she just wasn't interested in that day. 

Come on Miss B, show them you can kick the ball! 
I know you can kick the ball. 
No, don't run down the hallway...Come out of the bathroom--let go of the toilet paper! 
The ball, remember the ball? 

Zero points for that one.

But then there were also times when she shined and let her personality show.  Like when the speech therapist placed a few toys in front of her and asked her to put the toy dog on top of the yellow paper.  Miss B was more interested in playing with the baby doll...until  the lady asked the 3rd time...and Miss B gave her a dirty look, picked up the dog, slammed it down on the yellow paper, and then went back to the baby.  There, I did it.  Will you leave me alone now?!

In the end, I shouldn't have worried at all...because my girl rocked that test.  As in: only-significantly-delayed-in-one-area.  As in: average-or-higher-than-average in all other areas.

Have I ever mentioned that my daughter is a Rockstar? 

Just sayin'.

And it was the simple fact that she has an extra chromosome in every cell of her body that got her into Preschool.  If they went just by the test results, she'd be too "high functioning" to qualify. 

Thank you, little extra chromosome!!

Her first day was yesterday, and she did fabulously.  To quote her teacher, Ms. E, "Miss Banana had a GREAT first day!!  She is going to LOVE this!!"

And now comes the moment we've all been waiting for--pictures of Miss B on her first day of school yesterday.

(Please note that when we went shopping for her 1st Day of School outfit, Miss B picked this dress out herself and wouldn't let go.  The checkout lady wasn't even allowed to put it in the bag--just scan and back in Miss B's arms.  She is totally going to be a fashionista.)

Umm, Mommy?  I'm not sure about this backpack thing.

Whoops!  Down I go!


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

awesome awesome awesome!!! all the way around :) love the outfit and the story to go with it, too!!!

Kristin said...

Love it. And great choice in fashion attire :)

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Way to go Miss B!!!! And you look adorable as ever!

Angela O said...

Love the outfit--great choice Miss B! I love when they're so small their backpacks are almost as big as they are :) And congrats on the eval and first day of school!

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