Tuesday, May 17, 2011


em-bark: \im-ˈbärk\    to make a start
I don't know why I ever plan my future because very little of my plans actually work out.  I'm pretty sure that when I was writing my "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" essay in high school, I never once thought I'd be where I am now.

I'm pretty sure back then I just wanted to own a convertible, live on the beach, and be glamourously famous for something. So far, none of that plan has materialized.  Maybe someday.

Back in Mrs. Watson's 9th grade English class when I was writing those future-plans essays, I remember reading and re-reading a quote from Helen Keller posted on the bulletin board:
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Back then I thought that meant that I needed to:
1) Be a storm chaser or CIA agent
2) Travel the world
3) Go bungee jumping

I'm happy to say that my life full of daring adventures has involved crazy storms, but thankfully no espionage or jumping off of something tall while depending on a large rubberband to save my life. (I would like to have that "travel the world" part though!)

And I'm okay with that.  Because I'm embarking on a new adventure that might not be as heart-pounding, but is just as daring as jumping off that bridge with a bungee cord.

I'm starting a non-profit organization with some other parents here in The Village to support people with Down syndrome and their families.

That might not sound daring and adventurous to you, but to me...I feel like I'm stepping into the air and hoping that I bounce instead of slamming into the ground.  I already made some attempts at this a year ago and ran into brick wall after brick wall...but now it's time to push through and make something happen.  This time, I refuse to give up or be complacent with the way things are now.

I have no idea how long I will be on this adventure.  I have no idea how successful it will be.  I'm simply a mom who sees the need in this area and will do anything to make life better for her daughter and others that also have Ds.

Let the daring adventure begin.


thingsthatkeepmesane.com said...

If anyone can be successful at it, it is you. Good luck, keep us updated! Heather

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

best of luck on the new non-profit...sounds like a great adventure...and very meaningful...I remember when I was in high school and they asked what I wanted to be...I said a beach bum! I am still striving for that! smiles

Kurt and Kristy said...

Carrie that's awesome!! I know you'll do great at it!!

krlr said...

Good for you! Can't wait to hear about it.

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