Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is the way to do winter.

Last week, The South surprised us again with another batch of snow.  And this time, it even stuck around for a couple of days.  While I am usually perfectly happy to live without the snow and ice and cold, my childrens' delight at that white stuff falling from the sky made me grateful for the change of pace.  If I could always have my winters like this--40-50 degrees most days with an occasional snowstorm that is completely gone within a day or two--I would be one happy, happy lady. 

 It's funny though, since living in The South, we stopped buying all that cold-winter-gear and we got rid of a bunch of snowboots and such.  For some reason, we kept the boys' kid-sized snowshovels.  Which, surprisingly, we have been using bug smashers. 

But that day, they finally got to be used in The South for their intended purpose.

 We also got rid of all of our sleds in our move from Nebraska, so we improvised. 

With my old cookie sheets. 

On the iced over road. 

*Bonus, those cookie sheets are very shiny on the bottom now.

Miss B just watched from the porch.  I don't think she was too terribly impressed by the snow.

A little while later, we headed over to our friends' house. On the way there, we found a Fire-Snowman.  Quite the contradiction!
 Our friends have a perfect sledding hill.  They also had more cardboard covered in trash bags and beachboards sleds.  Whatever works!

Miss Banana finally decided she at least wanted to put her feet in the snow.  But that was about all she wanted to have to do with it.


The best part was the extra days off of school--even Dr.  C's university was cancelled.  Loved it!!! 

I think this winter in The South has been one of my favorite winters ever.


Heidi said...

That looks like a ton of fun! It has been rather rainy, so all our snow is gone. I'm glad you get to enjoy winter. Maybe I'll have to talk Jim into moving there!

Cindy said...

So fun! Their smiles are the proof of that! And cookie sheets? I would never have thought of that. Here in Seattle, our winters are mostly 30-40 degrees with an occasional snow storm! In fact, the snow is so occasional, we didn't get any the winter of 2008-2009! Around here, we usually want more snow!

Bethany said...

LOL! Love the cookie sheets ... that is soo something we would do here!

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