Wednesday, January 26, 2011

S'mores in January

At our house, there are no rules when it comes to "seasonal cooking".  Right after Dr. C and I got married, we were the neighbors that were out on the porch grilling during a snowstorm.  Nothing can quite compare to some nicely marinated and grilled stakes and portobello mushrooms you have prepared while wearing full-on snow gear.

Our little ones have picked up on our love for cooking whatever-whenever and they convinced us that we needed to make s'mores in the fireplace.  I must admit that I was pretty easily swayed.

(Please overlook the image quality...I have been experimenting more with my camera...which means that some events have pictures that are not-quite-perfect.  I'm learning though!)

Miss Banana had a death wish strong desire to climb into the fireplace, so we had to plop her into the circle-of-neglect to keep her safe. 

We made sure she still ate her share of s'mores.

I've decided that s'mores in January taste just as good as the s'mores in July.  In fact, anytime I get to make fun memories with my kiddos, it's a winning recipe in my book.


Kristin said...

So fun. My brother almost burnt our house down doing that when we were little (unsupervised).

Krista said...

That looks so yummy and like a lot of fun. I am inspired! said...

Your pictures aren't as bad as you think! Love that you guys do this, and love the circle of neglect! Perfect!

Cindy said...

LOVE Smore's indoors!!

We have also made smore's at the kitchen table, using candles! :)

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