Saturday, January 1, 2011

If You Give A Girl A Birthday Wish...

She just might decide that she wants Miss B's room painted "Purpling Dawn".
And after you paint the room "Purpling Dawn", she just might notice that the trim is "Glass of Milk" when really, she wants it to be "Ultra White".

And after painting all the trim and doors "Ultra White", she'll decide that the old door knobs don't match and that she needs new ones.

And after getting new door knobs, she'll notice that the gold hinges also need to be updated to "brushed nickel" as well.

And if you get rid of the gold hinges...she might tell you that you need to update the cream lightswitch and outlets to white too.

And if you update the lightswitch and outlets, she'll tell you that now we need a new ceiling fan to go with the new lightswitch.

At which point, Dr. C will tell her that she'll have to wait until Valentine's Day.

(I think this story means I'm officially a grown-up too...what kid wants paint and outlets and hinges for their birthday?!?)

Thank you Dr. C for spending the few days leading up to New Year's and all of New Year's Eve painting and playing handyman to grant me my birthday wish today!

Happy New Year's everyone!!


Heather said...

That is awesome! Good job Dr. C! Have a great birthday!

Chanda said...

Happy Birthday!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Maybe we are grown up, but that sounds like my kind of birthday wish! Nice job Dr. C!

Courtney said...

Now you are going to want to transform your whole house and start celebrating every holiday to justify doing it. J/K
Looks great! Isn't it so fun to do projects on a home that is yours.

Wilkerson Family said...

beautiful and very funny. Don't you love it how one project always seems to turn into 4 or 5 :) I'm sure miss B loves it.

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