Monday, September 20, 2010

The Reunion

After high school graduation, I left my hometown of St. Louis and headed out West to BYU for college.  And other than some holidays and a few summer vacations, I haven't really been back.  The last time I saw someone from high school was at a wedding six or seven years ago.

We had our ten year reunion on Saturday night.  (Yes, I'm from the Class of 2000--I debated about blogging about this or not...but so much has been written and studied about our class...I thought I might as well throw my two cents into the mix!)

It was interesting.

I really didn't know what to expect.  I wasn't really nervous...more just curious about the real-life science experiment about to play out...the one where I walk into some strange paradigm and my previous life and my current life collide with unexpected results. I have changed so much in the years since high school...what about everyone else? 

As I was getting ready, Dr. C (who is the best husband in the world) gave me these words: if you have a great time, then fabulous.  And if not, then remember that you have a husband and three great kids at home that love you. 

And you know, it was weird and good--at the same time.  There were people I recognized immediately.  People that I recognized, but didn't remember their names.  And people that I wondered if they actually went to my school or if they just snuck in to get some free food...and then later figured out that I had sat next to them at lunch daily during those tumultous teenage years.  Thank heaven for nametags.

And I've decided that people do change.  And that people don't change.  And the people that mattered to me then, still matter to me now.  And the people that didn't, still don't.

It was fun remembering some of the crazy-growing-up-years the time in 7th grade when I got caught passing a note to a friend...and the note said I hoped my teacher's bum grew together...and of course that teacher is the one that intercepted the note...I think it's even funnier now then it was in 7th grade...and it was pretty darn funny then.

And then talking to some other people and just finding out that they are good and happy and that life has been kind to them...was just...comforting.  An affirmation that life is good.

My biggest take-home lesson of the whole thing is that I am totally happy with where I am and who I've become.  Don't get me wrong, I know I still have many, many things to improve on, but I am comfortable with me.  I am a wife and a mother.  My family is my life's great masterpiece.

The evening was like finding a favorite childhood blanket after many years...there are parts that are worn out and not so pretty--just like you left it years ago...and parts that you remember tracing your finger over and over when you needed comfort...and as a whole--the good and the bad, it still warms you and makes you feel good. 

Me with E.Lee--Girl, it had been too long.  Love you!


Jenny said...

Hey Carrie, I didn't know you were from the class of 2000. Me too, but for some reason, we're not having our 10 year reunion until November... A little nervous. I've seen a few people since HS. I only live 30 miles away, but it's still kinda scary. I'm glad you had a good time :)

Cindy said...

I'm a few years past my 10 year reunion :) but I liked the way you described it, 'Like a favorite childhood blanket'. Like you, I've come away from reunions being very grateful of who I am and loving the life I have.

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