Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Irish Festival

We went to an Irish Festival while we were at my parents, but it wasn't quite as Irish-y or as Festival-y as I was expecting, so maybe this post should really be titled, "The One Where I Take A Gazillion Pictures Of My Kids At A Park Where Some People Had Some *Kind Of* Irish Stuff". Enjoy!

Irish Wolfhounds--these dogs were HUGE!!! 

We convinced T-Man to at least pet one of the puppies, but he had no interest in going near the full-grown dogs.  Not that I blame him...some of those adult dogs he could have saddled up and rode around like a horse.
T-Man wanted to pose with Lewis&Clark. 
Too bad they were headed West while T-Man looks fairly focused on the East. 
Sorry kiddo, wrong direction.

Anybody want some ice cold nachos??  Yum. 
I wonder if this sign actually helped bring in business??
Something about train tracks just makes fun pictures.
I did spare you all from posting ALL of them.

Miss B putting her feet up.

"It's too hot, Mommy.  I'm not going to smile."

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Chanda said... very Irish?

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