Thursday, August 5, 2010

My First-Grader

Today was T-Man's first day of first grade.  And in some ways, I think it was a little harder than his first day of kindergarten.  At least with the first day of kindergarten, I expected it to be hard...but I hadn't really prepared myself to have a first grader. 

And yet, here he is.
Isn't he just the cutest first grader you've ever seen??  Love this kid.

In fact, I love this kid so much, that I spent two hours (?!?!!) waiting in line in the carpool lane to pick him up today.  During those two hours, I also witnessed a car accident with some wild carpool-lane-road-rage smackdown.  Also during those two hours, Fearless wet his pants (after holding it for 30 min.) and you really can't expect a four year old to hold it for two hours.

T-Man, I hope you know we love you.


Chanda said...

He is one super cute 1st grader!

stephanie said...

He is beautiful! That smile!!!!
Andrew starts first grade this year too!!!

Sorry about the carpool lane mishaps! hehe, just a small giggle!!

The Mussertons said...

T-man is absolutely adorable! I still think of him as the two year old who spoke like an adult. ;) He is one smart cookie! Good luck on the car pool lane, I am not looking forward to that whem my time comes.

Lori said...

We have a first-grader this year as well. It is hard to believe they are old enough for it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I look forward to following all your adventures! :)

Anonymous said...

adorable pictures of your T-Man! I bet he has tons of little girlfriends writing "circle yes or no" on their notebooks!

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