Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 Minutes At My House

Tonight I was planning on posting all about Fearless turning 4...waxing eloquent about how he's grown and changed and being mushy and lovey-dovey about my second-born.

And then...

Well, let's just start this way.  I had the kids by myself.  I let them stay up late because they were playing nicely.  Miss B was crawling all over the place and practicing standing up while only holding on with one hand.  I eventually told the boys to get their pj's on and go use the potty to get ready for bed.

T-Man took his time, but got changed and ready for bed.  Fearless started to get into his pj's...but then changed his mind half-way (and half-dressed) and decided to use the potty. 

I was still playing with Miss B and T-Man.  After a long while, I realized that Fearless had not yet emerged from my bathroom.  (Side note: Why do these things always happen in my bathroom??  You'd think they'd have adventures in their bathroom...but so far, no such luck.)

A moment later, Fearless poked his head and half-naked self out the bathroom door and in his quietest, little-boy-poor-pitiful-me voice he said, "Mommy, there is water coming out of the toilet."

I raced into the bathroom, and sure enough, there is water coming out of the toilet.  LOTS of water.  LOTS and LOTS of water.  Let's just say the term "flooded" would be an understatement.  It was more like FLOODED

And the new roll of toilet paper I had just put in the bathroom was now in gobs and  floating and swirling in the flood.

I yelled for T-Man to go get the plunger from their blissfully dry bathroom.  I told Fearless to go get some towels to stop the water from spreading into my bedroom and to start trying to dry it up.

T-Man got back first with the plunger.  Miss B decided to head over to the bathroom to check out the commotion. 

Splash, splash! 
This is funny, Mommy! 

Grabbed Miss B, put her in the furthest corner of my bedroom to give me a few moments to fix the toilet.  T-Man decided to go get towels too...and in the process, runs smack into half-naked Fearless who is returning with the first load of towels.  And not just any running was a full on

Complete with tears all around and a now spurting-bloody nose coming from Fearless.

Left the toilet for a moment, grabbed a kleenex for Fearless. 
Checked to make sure T-Man didn't have a concussion. 
Fearless started freaking out because there was blood on his hands. 
Got more Kleenex to wipe it off. 
Instructed Fearless on the proper way to handle a nose bleed. 
Instructed Fearless SEVERAL times on the proper way to handle a nose bleed. 
Ran back to the bathroom to check on the ever-flowing-toilet.  Still flowing. 

Miss B was back in the bathroom and had spit-up (thrown-up?) on the one dry part of the floor and my bedroom carpet. 

And she was chewing on the plunger. 


(On second thought, maybe she chewed on the plunger, then spit up because it was DISGUSTING, then went back to chewing on it??  Either way, ICK, ICK, ICK.)

Grabbed Miss B, put her in the hallway, closed the door. 
Fixed the toilet.
Wiped up the spit-up off the floor and carpet. 
Dried the bathroom floor. 
Checked on Fearless' nose.  Stopped the bleeding.  Checked to make sure there were no broken noses.

Sent Fearless to use the potty AGAIN, because apparently the first time he had just been playing the "How much toilet paper can you send down the toilet?" game and hadn't actually accomplished anything while in there.

Started a load of wet towels/bath mats in the washing machine.
Brushed 3 sets of teeth.
Listened to T-Man and Fearless talk about how cool it was that Fearless had blood everywhere.  I guess once it stops bleeding, it's apparently pretty cool to be bloody.  Between the two of them, he is a hero for getting blood to squirt all the way down to his hands and knees.  He was definitely not that excited about it as it was happening...but now...he is TOUGH STUFF.  (BoysI give up.)
Sang songs, read scriptures, prayed.
Tucked 3 kiddos into bed.
Decided that the birthday post will have to wait until tomorrow when I'm feeling a little more chipper about my child being 4.


Sasha said...

Okay this needs to be a movie scene. I am loving it. Totally making me laugh out loud. I know if it was me it would NOT be funny of course. And the plunger..yuck. Such a movie scene. Hugs. Sounds like you handled it well.

heather said...

You are such a great writer! Loved this post. I am trying to get my blog caught up so I can do a big mushy post about my boy turning 4 this week too. It's always better to do it when they are sleeping and all you can think about is how much you love that boy! Good job on following through on all the night time duties by yourself. . . scriptures, prayers and brushing teeth. All not easy tasks.

Kristin said...

I am laughing hysterically. My 4 yr old keeps asking me what I am laughing about. And you still brushed teeth and read scriptures. You're a better mom than I!!

stephanie said...

Sorry i'm laughing too!! You wrote that beautifully, i got a perfect visual in my head!!!

And you didn't have to bleep out any words! I'd have bleeps in my post.

And God bless you , you still read scripture and brushed teeth! But did Miss B get to gargle the plunger germs away?? LOL

my family said...

Hi, THanks for stopping by.

Yes Im from the south. Louisiana...60miles north of New orleans. How about you. Glad you found my blog

Talley Images said...

Im going to start calling you super-mom... you handled this awesome-ly...

Not looking forward to the day this happens at our house.

Nicole said...

Nice. I can just imagine the look on your face. You seemed to deal with it well.

Cheri said...

Oh my are sooo darn funny!!!! I can so totally relate to this little episode. Oh boy...age 4 is going to be so fun in your house!!! ;)

Wilkerson Family said...

ahhhh! You're a great mom Carrie. What a mess. :)

Kristen said...

oh my word. i'm glad it all turned out okay in the end!!

my family said...

so funny, I dont know if I asked you this but where in the south do you live

my family said...

sounds like a lot of fun meeting up, maybe in the fall when the weather cools off we could plan something???

MaryAnn said...

Holy Toledo C!! You are Supermom for sure! <3

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