Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Recap--Part 1

We had a seriously crazy-busy-fun Spring Break.  It ended two days ago and I am just now feeling like I have caught up on sleep.  It was definately one of those vacations where afterwards I need a vacation to get some rest.

Here's the first of the catch-up posts:

On the first afternoon of Spring Break, I think I was more excited for the break then the boys were!  The weather was perfect, so after we picked up T-Man from school, we played outside for as long as possible.  I borrowed a DSLR camera to see if I think they are worth all the hype--to which the answer is YES!--and I've been practicing...hopefully I will get better as I force myself off of Auto mode.

T-Man was trying to find 4-leaf clovers for St. Patty's day...sorry kiddo, putting two 3-leafers together doesn't count.

Miss Banana happily read her books.

The boys picked some weeds flowers for me--aren't they beautiful?  If I had enough vases, I would fill my house with all the flowers/plants/rocks the boys find for me--their enthusiasm for each little piece of nature is contagious.  I love it!

Taking a break from practicing the bike without the training wheels.  He's almost there--he just needs to perfect steering and stopping (kind of essential).
Fearless has a very large rock collection.  It outgrew the sand bucket so we had to move it to the wagon.

Stop taking my picture, Mom.

Really, stop.

Miss B is still reading...

Mommy, check out this one--it's fascinating!!

But this one...not so much.

Over the edge it goes!

I just didn't like that one, Mom.  Sorry.

Now I'm happy again!

My sister called while we were outside to say she was heading to our parents for Spring Break.  So I decided I would go too.

That's all for today...more pictures to come!


The Mussertons said...

Love the pics! Was it hard to get used to the new camera? Addy and Fearless have a lot in common! Addy's rock collection is starting to rival mine, which is really saying something. I can't wait to see more of your break! :)

Kelly said...

Great pics....looks like you all had bunches of fun:) Flowers(Weeds)....are simply the BEST!!

Kristin said...

Love playing with new cameras :)

Monica Crumley said...

Gorgeous photos. Love their eyes! I especially like the 6-leaf clover :-) is that genetically possible? Tee hee. I, too, love when our kids pick flowers or weeds or rocks for me. I always feel bad when they die. The rocks go in a special place in my garden.

Nicole said...

When did Fearless start looking so grown up?!

Erin said...

Just found your blog, your children are beautiful! Your daughter's eyes are stunning! Love the photos, so cute.

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