Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Driving Lessons

We took a last minute trip to Grandma and Grandpa's for Spring Break. Dr. C had too much work to do, so I drove the 7+ hours with three kids by myself.  That is always an adventure!  I learned a few lessons along the way:
  • Putting a T-Man in charge of feeding Miss B her baby food while I was driving had mixed results-as in the food got mixed up all over Miss B's face and carseat.
  • I can drive with one hand and reach all the way across the van or all the way behind my seat to hand snacks/books/marker caps to various children.  I think this should make me better at yoga.
  • I can take all three children into McDonald's bathroom for a potty break/diaper change and be out in 3 min.
  • Singing VeggieTales' "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" at the top of your lungs will keep you awake for a long, long time.
  • NPR stories get more and more interesting the longer you drive.
  • Snacks are ESSENTIAL.  (For me, not the kids.)
  • Pulling into the driveway with everyone happy is a very large victory!
Happy Spring Break everyone!


Courtney said...

Way to go Carrie!!!

Nicole said...

3 minutes! That has to be some sort of record. Have a great break!

Wilkerson Family said...

you're a braver woman than I am. have a great trip :) I hope the ride back goes just as smoothly.

Talley Images said...

The Mcdonalds potty break thing leaves me in awe...

Nonte Family said...

I totally feel ya in this trip alone! At least I only had two of them. I'm impressed with your McDonald's skills. I thought I was the only one that rushed my kids that fast!

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