Thursday, February 25, 2010

Medical Adventures with Miss Banana: Pilot Episode

We are starting a new feature here on "Life As We Know It"...I know I've talked about her medical problems before, but she has had so many episodes, that I thought we would just give them their own feature so hopefully everyone can keep it straight--and for those of you that don't want to know the ins and outs of Miss B's doctor craziness, you can just skip these ones. :)

On the Pilot Episode today, I thought I would give a recap of the past months' medical circus:

It all started with the cardiologist visit at the end of January.  Dr. TennHearts said that she was having pulmonary hypertension and might have to start meds for it.  He could tell she was having a respiratory infection and wheezing, and thought that might be contributing, so tolds us to come back in a month and he would recheck her.

Next, we headed to the Dr. SouthernKids about the respiratory infection.  Cue round of antibiotics, oral steriod, and albuterol via nebulizer every four hours.

Week 2: Head back to Dr. SouthernKids after finishing oral steriod treatment and no improvements on the respiratory infection.  Cue stronger round of antibiotics, singulair, and pulmicort via nebulizer 2x/day.  Also received RSV vaccine and various other routine vaccines.

Week 3: Head back to Dr. SouthernKids after finishing next round of antibiotics with no improvement.  Cue referral to Dr. Guts to see if Miss B is aspirating (basically swallowing liquids into her lungs when she drinks) and if that is causing the wheezing.  Also, bring on 3rd antibiotic (stronger still) and instructions to keep doing all the previous routine.

Week 4, part 1: Miss B mysteriously breaks out in funky hives all over the back of her head, shoulders, some on the torso and diaper area during occupational, physical, and speech therapy appointments.  Dr. SouthernKids was booked for the day, and there was no way I was going to CluelessDr.Kids, but thankfully Miss B's service coordinator, Richard, showed up, pulled some strings, and got me into see Dr. SouthernKids that afternoon.  Turns out, Miss B is allergic to amoxicillin.  Fabulous.  She did finally get a clean bill of health on her lungs and we can stop the albuterol, (but continue everything else).

Week 4, part 2: Dr. TennHearts checks her over and says the pulmonary hypertension is only mild now (maybe it was the junk in her lungs causing the problem?) but now the small hole Dr. HeartSurgeon left in during Miss B's surgery is leaking A LOT and needs to be plugged.  He'll consult with various other dr. tennhearts and call me next week.

Not quite as entertaining as Seinfeld, but just as many plot twists as CSI!

Stay tuned for more episodes...


Sasha said...

Wow after all of that you still hav ethe energy to write about it.:) You month sounds like mine. We are doing almost the same thing as you and are on our thrid antibiotic..we should compare notes. Hope next week turns out better.

Runningmama said...

Wow...that is truly an adventure. I hope things start to go more smoothly.

The Mussertons said...

I hope that Miss B's leaking hole can be fixed without surgery?! What a month! Hang in there and I am glad that her resp. infection finally cleared up.

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