Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on the Sickies

Short update--then I want to head to bed to get some rest. Fearless is doing much, much better. I only had to give him 3 breathing treatments today and he was running around like a little wild man again tonight. Miss B is still pretty sick. Last night, her fever got up to 101.7 and she was up all night coughing. She isn't eating well because she is totally stuffed up and can't breathe. This morning her fever was still over 101 (with Tylenol) and she just looked awful. She was still breathing really rapid/shallow so I took her back to the doctor this afternoon--we saw a different Dr. Kids than yesterday and he said she her lungs sounded better, so to keep doing what I was doing and give it a couple more days. He thought (after reading the notes from yesterday's Dr. Kids) that she's improved enough that we don't need to worry about a hospital visit unless she suddenly gets worse. (Big sigh of relief!) She still looks miserable though--her little expressive eyes that say, "Help me Mommy!" just break my heart. We propped up her bed for tonight so hopefully she can sleep better tonight. I'm really hoping that all the meds kick in soon so she will totally recover and be back to her smiley self.

Here she is getting her breathing treatments. She looks so miserable!


Sasha said...

Ah poor little ones. Hate to see them sick. Glad to hear that she is doing better and her lungs sound better. So is it RSV? Wysdom had that last year and ended up on an IV for a week. Anyways whatever she has sounds pretty nasty. Sending wishes and prayers that she is feeling better. Stressful isn't it.

Wendy P said...

Feel better fast sweet girl! And hang in there, Mom!

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