Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 Months Already

Miss Banana is 6 months old today. What a wild six months it has been! Miss B's 6-month check-up isn't until next week, so I'll have to post her stats then, but I would guess she's somewhere around 13 1/2 pounds (really hoping for 14lbs!) We are finally in 3-6 month clothes (which is good because I was getting bored with the 0-3 months stuff) although she can still fit into some of the smaller clothes. I took a picture of her in her "coming home from the hospital outfit" last week and when you compare the now picture with her week old picture, you can tell she has grown, just not a ton.

In other news, we are definitely rolling both ways now! I think she is starting to figure out that rolling gets her places which means I will need to start baby proofing. Tomorrow at speech therapy she gets to try rice cereal for the first time--wish us luck!

Here's hoping that the next six months are lazy, relaxed, stress and doctor appointment-free, full of cute pictures and reaching developmental milestones! I love you Miss Banana!!


Jennifer said...

Carrie she is absolutely adorable!! I can't believe she is 6 months old already!

My name is Sarah said...

Happy 6 months!!! She is so adorable:)

abi said...

She is so cute! Good luck on the cereal! (Evan still won't eat it - he's 6 months on the 13th). Sounds like she is moving right along, and doing great!

The Mussertons said...

Happy 6 Months Miss B!!! I love Miss B's painted toe nails. :) I hope cereal goes well. I keep hoping solids will help Cally's intolerances but not yet. I can't wait to see the rest of Miss B's first year! She is such a cutie!!! :)

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