Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures Galore--Part 2: Dr. Corn's Graduation

Ha! After recovering last night's post, I'm ready to attempt some more! Thanks go to E. Lee and Jen for their recovery help.

These pics are from Dr. Corn's graduation. Anyone who has ever been to a graduation knows that you take almost as many pictures as you would at a wedding--you need one of the graduate, one of the graduate & advisers, one of the graduate & family, one of the whole group, one of the outfit...and on and on. I did draw the line at posting the ones of his actual hooding...we were too far away to get a good shot and if you hadn't been there to see it, you wouldn't know who was who in it anyway.

This is the family one--it kind of looks like we are getting our mug shots taken--all we need is the measuring stick on the side to approximate how tall we are. At least we were all smiling!
Here's the whole group--thanks to everyone for traveling to see us and help celebrate!

Dr. Corn with his advisers, Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Shanahan. They rock, seriously.
Here's the get-up. We spent lots and lots of time and money to get this fancy outfit...I told Dr. Corn that he should wear it all the time, but he didn't think that this was the right kind of expensive couture.

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E. Lee said...

Hello Mr. and Mrs. P! Your parents look great! Tell them hi for me. ;)

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