Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures Galore--Part 1: Fearless Turns 3 and First Days of School

Lately my blogging time has been taken up by another new hobby: couponing. Did you know that you can find coupons for pretty much everything?? In a few short weeks I have learned that you should never pay full price for anything and that it feels great to walk out of the grocery store with everything you need and have saved $70. Anyway, it does take some time, so my blogging time has suffered. We have done a ton of stuff lately though, so this post will be long with a ton of pictures. Here you go!

These ones are of Fearless's 3rd Birthday. Happy Birthday, Fearless!

A new tool set--a three-year-old-boy-must-have!

These are from his "Green-Nature Party". Green is his favorite color so he wanted a whole green party. Since this was his first "friend" party, I let him call all the shots--including requesting that everyone wear green.

Fearless had his first day of preschool a few weeks later--he was so excited! And I was excited for him, but sentimental about it too...isn't that the way moms are supposed to be?

The next day, T-Man started Kindergarten...which was even more exciting/sentimental since he is my first child. He loves it though and has even slipped and called me "Mrs. S" and slipped and called Mrs. S "mom". I think this would hurt my feelings a little if I weren't so grateful that he has a good teacher that he really likes.

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