Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T-Man for President--On the Stump

I have SO SO much to post about--Fearless turned 3, our big move to the South, Miss Banana finally laughing, first day of preschool for Fearless and more, but those posts will have to wait for another day because it is getting late and T-man has his first day of kindergarten tomorrow and his school starts at 7:30AM (Who came up with that time?? We're usually not even out of bed by 7:30AM!!!) Anyway, I just wanted to quickly post this before I forgot it. You may remember that T-Man announced a few months ago that he wanted to be President. But because he is an almost-five-year-old, the idea was dropped after a few days with no recent discussion of the idea. Yesterday though, out of the blue, he offered some real solutions to the tough problems he has identified. And I quote: "To stop bull fighting, I will fly over the bull fighters in a helicopter and drop poison forks on them. Then, I will bring the bulls into the helicopter and give them lots of hay. Then, bulls everywhere will be safe!"

Seriously, I don't think I could make this up if I tried!


Marisa said...

Too funny!! I feel sorry for you, 7:30am is rough, I had a hard enough adjustment going to 8 am when we moved down here. School starts already, yikes!! We still have 2 weeks.

Nicole said...

Now that is the kind of creativity we need! He is hilarious! I can't believe he is already in kindergarten. School doesn't start here until after Labor Day so we have some time to get ready. Good Luck! Email me your new address once you get settled.

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