Sunday, March 16, 2008

The word of childhood

Before I had kids and people would ask me to describe my childhood, I would think of playing outside, weekend campouts, riding bikes with my friends to get candy from 7-11, making mud pies with my sister, cleaning my room by stuffing all the toys under the bed, staying up late reading a book by flashlight under the covers, etc. Words like, carefree, fun, and innocent came to mind.

Now that I'm a mom, I think of childhood a bit differently. Today, I reached to open a cabinet door and found that the handle was coated with jam from this morning's toast. Later, I went to turn on the faucet in the bathroom, only to find the handle coated with half-dry sparkling peach hand soap. I wiped smeared chocolate brownie off of four hands and two faces, and then had my foot stick to the floor from previously unseen spilled juice. My new word to describe childhood? Sticky.


Marisa said...

Sticky is perfect!!! I love your flash back. We had a 7-11 right up the street from us. We spent way too much of our money there every summer.

Joni said...

Isn't it funny the things we remember? We lived in Idaho Falls for a short time when I was little and I remember riding my bike to Chevron to get garbage pail kids cards with my sister when I was in kindergarten. :) And sticky is a great way to describe childhood!

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