Monday, March 10, 2008


Being the mother of two boys, I have quickly learned that there are definitely boy characteristics that are just innate. For example, once a boy learns to run, walking is no longer an option. Even if he is just trying to get from one side of his room to the other (five or six steps, max) running is still the preferred method of transportation. Since it is a small space, he will usually end up slamming into the other side of the room because there is no time to put on the brakes. Both the boys have ended up with many, many bruises and scrapes due to this boy phenomena, but so far it has not stopped them.

Another boy characteristic is the fascination with all big machines. One of our friends gave T-Man this book for his first birthday, and I think I have read it 5.78 billion times since then. I know way more about trucks, tractors, and construction equipment then I ever cared to know. If we drive past any truck, tractor, skidster, excavator, etc. and don't acknowledge that we saw one, the boys act like I have committed some sort of sacrilege. Even with all that, I still don't think I fully comprehended the love of all things with big motors until last night. I was helping T-Man in the middle of the night, and I noticed that Fearless had crawled out of his blanket. I went to pull it back over him, and accidentally bumped his foot, causing him to stir. As he moved, in his sleep he said, "Tractors" then gave out a big satisfied sigh as if he was having the best dream of his life! It must be a boy thing.


abi said...

Too funny about "tractors" in his sleep. Zane was the same way about construction vehicles at that age. He moved onto knowing every single make/model of car. Very boy!

Grandma R said...

It was great to see the new pictures of the boys. It is good to know those old pinewood derby cars of Darrin's come in handy! The new one, "Lightning McQueen", looks great too!

Grandma R

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