Monday, August 18, 2014

Adventures in Educationland: First Day.

First day of school.
 Whoa, Nelly. When did T-Man get to be such a handsome guy?? He started Orchestra this morning and had to be at the middle school an hour before his siblings (then he gets bussed back to the elementary school). For some reason, this makes me feel like he has gotten incredibly old between 4th and 5th Grade. Oh, how I love this little man of mine!
 Fearless decided to photo bomb T-Man's before school pic.


T-Man laughingly disagreed with the antics.

 This little lovey is the one that every time I think about spending a whole day at school makes me want to grab her and run away to the beach where we would splash in the waves and fly kites all day long for the rest of our lives. Oh, how I love this little lady of mine!
 This little monkey insisted on holding his sign upside down. Trying to get him to take a "regular" pic is pointless. We embrace the silliness instead. Oh, how I love this little man of mine!
I tried to get a picture of at least two of them together...but Miss B would have nothing to do with that.

 And so we headed off to school...where Fearless walked into his class, sat with his friends, and barely said goodbye to me. As I watched Miss B walk into her class, my throat caught and the panic started settling in. There are TWENTY NINE kids in her class.

Ohhh Boy.

She sat right down, started on her work and was totally happy to be there...I was bawling in the commons. I almost pulled a Marlin from Finding Nemo and grabbed her and said maybe we'll just try again next year. But I didn't.

This is the best thing for her, right?

Tell me yes.

Tell me this was the right placement for her.

Still can't breathe...


Kim said...

She's going to do GREAT!!!

Andrea Johnson said...

Oh my goodness! They have all grown so much!

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