Monday, March 31, 2014

Other Medical Adventures: More.

Dr. C and I made the pilgrimage back to Iowa last week for my first check-up with Dr. Brains in over a year. The good doctor had wanted to see me one year post-op, but since I was largely pregnant with little Miss Z at the time, we rescheduled to one week after Miss Z's due date.

But when Miss Zell decided to take her sweet time leaving her first home, there would have only been 5 days between her birth and when we would have to take a 5 hour drive with 4 kids in the middle of winter--and Miss Z was struggling to gain weight, was tongue tied, had/has milk protein it was just a few days before Christmas.

Not happening.

So we rescheduled again, this time having to wait all the way until last week.

Dr. C and I were fairly confident that this was just a routine check-up...I'd do my relaxing MRI...we'd schmooze with Dr. Brains a bit...and then back home before Dr. C had to be at a meeting for work the next morning.

All was going according to plan...

I fell asleep during the MRI.

(Yes, it's true. Even though it is wicked noisy and sounds like they are trying to jack-hammer your head. But I'm a mom...and when you get the chance to lay totally still for 45 minutes with no one asking your for anything or needing anything from sleep. Just a fact of life.)

The tech didn't pull me into the Sad Closet again, so I knew I had passed the first big hurdle and that nothing major showed up on my scan.

We dropped the girls off at our friend's house (the boys stayed with my sister) and headed into Dr. Brains. I had a few questions for him...just some symptoms that I thought were a little off...but that I was 98% positive he would tell me were no big deal and were just my new normal.

The nurse took Dr. C and I back to the room, we were cracking jokes, thinking it would all be over in a few minutes and was it really worth the 5 hour drive just to have Dr. Brains tell me I was fine?

But then the nurse asked me if I had any I told her about my little oddities that I wanted to talk about.

And she kinda stopped joking after that.

I honestly didn't really think anything of it because I AM FINE.

Dr. Brains walked in and asked me to describe in detail my symptoms. As soon as I was finished, he immediately told me those symptoms were NOT NORMAL and that I WAS NOT FINE.

He called a neurologist and consulted with him a bit about me, determined that I needed to have and EEG done and that I needed to see the neurologist for more follow-up.

As an after thought, he told me my MRI looked great, my brain had mostly expanded back into the big spot where my alien had been and that he didn't need to see me again for 2 years.

Gee, thanks.

So now, on to more testing!
On to more doctors!
On to more pictures of my brain!
On to more wondering what is going on inside my head!

Here's hoping that Dr. Brains is just overly cautious and that it his concerns are nothing more than that.



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Jenni said...

Haven't checked in in a while. Hope these next adventures are tame ones.

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