Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Furniture Factory

Since moving, the desire to nest and decorate our home has been burning bright.  In all of our other homes, we've just kind of gotten by with whatever, but this time, I am bored with that and it's time to do some decorating.  

I think it's because we've been married for 10 years and we've never really made an effort before and now it's time.

Dr. C blames it on Pinterest.

Either way, we've been focusing on home decor lately. 

Our division of labor goes something like this:

1.)I scout out furniture that I like
2.)I show Dr. C a picture of something similar to what I want
3.) I make a zillion changes to the piece until it only slightly resembles the original picture
4.) Dr. C builds it for me

Isn't he a nice husband?  Love that man!
This was his first project, bunk beds for the boys--last fall while we were still in the South.  Um, yeah, that room was a little too blue, don't you think??  We repainted it.  (Plans for the bunk beds can be found here)

Since we've been back in the Midwest, Dr. C and I have been cranking out the projects.  We had some old chairs that desperately needed a makeover.  I forgot to take a "before" pic, but just imagine green, with a little less sanded down spots and a light oak seat.

So far, Dr. C has completed three bookcases and a shelf.

Dr. C just made up the plans for these two big bookcases. 
Isn't he amazing?? 

Dr. C's list of furniture I want him to build continues to grow--Adirondack chairs for the deck?  Sewing/Craft table for me?  Another bookshelf for the cookbooks?  A new bed frame for Miss B?  Desks for the boys?

YES, please!

We're making progress, folks.

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Cindy said...

He does beautiful work! Love those bookcases. I don't think a person can ever have too many bookcases!

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