Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Travel Journal: Remember the Alamo.

The thing I love about visiting historical places is trying to envision what things were like "back then". As I was standing in The Alamo this morning, I tried to envision thousands of soliders overrunning the small chapel, the men inside bravely trying to stand their ground, to defend their need for independence. My mind's eye tried to take me back, despite the modern cars and buses and small shops 20 feet away from the iconic spot.

It's hard to imagine...but I always walk away from these places grateful for my blessings; grateful that my family and I are not fighting these types of battles; and most importantly, grateful to the men and women in uniform who DO fight on my behalf so that my life is relatively calm and peaceful.

Thank you.

 My favorite quote of the day came from Davy Crockett--the frontier legend that joined the fight at the Alamo and gave it his all.  "I told the people in my district that [if re-elected] I would serve them faithfully as I had done, but if may all go to h***, I will go to Texas." 


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