Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer Travel Journal Part 5: The Egg Drop

My family likes to keep things entertaining when we all get together. 

For instance, while I was growing up, my parents had to figure out a way to keep us all occupied in that lull of vacation-laziness between Christmas and New Year's.  When we got to the point where everyone had been on break long enough to feel relaxed...and we were all starting to get a bit ansty to do something...and when the sugar buzz from all the homemade caramels and cookies was turning more into diabetic shock, my parents would buy some giant bags of rubber bands from Sam's Club, take us all to the church gym, and we'd have a giant rubber band shooting war.  The only rule? Don't shoot anyone in the face.  Other than that, it was a free-for-all to release excessive pent up energy.  And after a couple of rounds of shooting family members with rubber bands as hard and as often as I could while fending off their attacks on me, life was good and we were all ready to go back home and put together some Christmas-gift puzzles.  Good times. 

(Side note: If you ever try this activity, I would suggest wearing long sleeves and pants.  Just sayin'.)

I think most families go see a movie or something?

Anywho, my point is, my family likes to mix it up in the entertainment area.  Our family reunion was no exception.  About a month before the reunion, my mom told us all to prepare for an Egg Drop--the kind of activity you did in 5th grade where you try to package your raw egg in such a way that when it's dropped off the roof of the school, it won't break.  (If I remember right, my egg in 5th grade did break.  Bummer.)  While my siblings all paid attention to this email...I think I was buried up to my elbows in homemade paper mache and promptly forgot about it.

It all worked out okay in the end though, since I had been pinata-making instead of planning our egg's protection, we just used the broken halves of the pinata to package the egg. 

How's that for being resourceful?

Most of the family--waiting for the excitement to start!

Woohoo!  Not a single crack!

The rest my family did just as well and not one egg broke.  I'm pretty sure that means we hold the World Record for "Least Number of Eggs Broken During An Egg Drop Contest At A Family Reunion". 

(Cue music: We are the champions...we are the time for losers 'cause we are the champions...of the world)
I think we might have to add "Egg Drop" to our permanent family entertainment list.  Oh, and we'll be stocking up on rubber bands too.

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