Monday, February 21, 2011

The Last Day of Winter

Have I ever mentioned how much I love winter in The South?  I REALLY REALLY love it.  It's chilly enough some days to wear a coat and gloves and then a couple of days later, you hardly need a jacket.  It's just a nice little taste of the winter season without being frozen-through for months.  How fabulous is that??

The Thursday before Valentine's Day was really the last day of winter.  (Winter ending on Feb. 10th?  Nice.)  But before winter left, it had one last winter-weather-hurrah and dumped 3-4 inches of snow.  School was cancelled and of course we spent the morning playing in all that white stuff.
My poor bushes!  Wasn't sure if they were going to make it through after this!  But when it melted, they perked right back up.  Nature is amazing, isn't it??
The boys were fascinated with the crazy-huge icicles we had.  They thought they were THE. COOLEST. THINGS. EVER. (No pun intended.)
T-Man shooting me with is "ice laser"

Not to be outdone, Fearless had to shoot a "double ice laser"

Which led to an "ice laser fight" which I had to stop before someone lost an eye.  (Even though they were having fun.)

Poor Miss Banana--it was only about 20 degrees out (and who knows what the wind chill was) so she had to stay inside and watch the fun from the window.  She was NOT happy about that!
And after that wild (for The South) winter storm, winter left.  Two days later it was 65+ degrees and we were all wearing flip-flops.

Goodbye winter and HELLO SPRING!!!!

P.S. I am guest posting today over at Things That Keep Me Sane.  Go check it out!

P.P.S. My sister and I have started a food blog--Out of My Sister's Kitchen...we are just getting started but my chocolate fondue recipe is there and much more yummy goodness to come!


Belly Charms said...

I am here from "Things that keep me sane" What a fantastic guest post! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with all of us:) My boys would love to be in snow....we just don't get any in Florida:)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I live in the South, too, and have also been LOVING the snow we've been getting! Although it looks like Spring is on the way~the daffodils are coming up:)

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