Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pay Attention

I get frustrated with my kids for not listening when I tell them something or when I ask them to do something.  It's probably close to the top of my list of parent-pet-peeves.

Apparently, I still need to learn the lesson myself too evidenced by this exchange.

T-Man: Mooommmm!  Fearless forgot to flush the toilet!

Me: (automatically) Fearless!  Go flush the toilet! (My part done, I checked out of the conversation and continued working on dinner)

T-Man: I flushed it for him.

Me: (not hearing T-Man, but noticing that Fearless had not moved) Fearless!  GO FLUSH THE TOILET!

T-Man: Mom, I already flushed it!

Me: (still not listening...and still no movement from Fearless) Fearless!  Go flush it now!

(Fearless runs to flush the toilet.)

T-Man: (bewildered) Why, Mom??  Does he just need to practice??

Me: (finally registering what T-Man had been trying to tell me and trying to recover quickly) Umm, yeah, practice.  Good idea.

Oops!  I guess I need to work on paying attention too!  Just another reminder that I still have lots of room for improvement!
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