Monday, June 21, 2010

Moving Is Wild and Hooray! We Have the Internet Again!

We finally moved into our house a little over a week ago--and of course it was wild. You'd think we'd having moving down to a science simply because in our almost-8 years of marriage, we have now moved six times. We've learned a few things along the way--but the biggest lessons are always "it takes longer than you think" and "something will always go wrong." While this wasn't the worst move ever (the time we moved from an apartment to a house in Nebraska holds that title!)this time was not as smooth as I was hoping. It would have been fine if the people moving out had just cleaned, but they didn't, so we had to hire someone to come clean it and then get them to pay for it...ugh. I don't think I am super picky, but it's not THAT hard to sweep the floor, vacuum, wipe out the appliances, etc.  Of course they threw a fit about having to pay for it to be cleaned, but our realtor is lovely and got it all taken care of for us.

The other snag was with our phone and internet service--for some reason, AT&T has decided that they don't like us and they refuse to provide us with internet service.  Originally, we called and they said they didn't provide internet to our house--which didn't make sense because the previous owners used AT&T, and then we called back and talked to someone else that said they DID provide service here and signed us up.  After waiting and waiting for them to send the startup kit, we finally got some info about the phone service, but no internet...and now they are back to saying that they never actually signed us up and that they don't provide service to our area--despite the fact that all of our neighbors use them and the previous owners used them.  After 11 computer-free days, we finally just decided to drop them all together and go with the cable company just so we wouldn't have to deal with AT&T's ficklness anymore.  To top it off, they are still charging us for a full month of the high-end phone service (which we had to get to bundle with the internet) and the start-up fee. Nice. That's life though--so, hooray for internet service and boo for bad customer service!

We are still getting unpacked and settled in--first big project is front-yard landscaping!

Miss B is crawling all over the place now, and I have some other catch-up posts (like Miss Banana's first plane ride and trip to Utah that she took with Daddy a few weeks ago)  so stay tuned!

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Nicole said...

Yay! I remember that move in Nebraska. Glad this one wasn't like that. Have fun settling in!

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