Thursday, May 27, 2010

T-Man: The Kindergarten Graduate

Last week, T-Man finished kindergarten.  When did he get so old??  When did  I get old enough to have a child finishing kindergarten?!?  This post is for him.
T-Man on the first day of kindergarten.
T-Man on the last day of kindergarten.


You are truly an amazing child.  When you started kindergarten last fall, I was a little worried about you.  You were (and are) the absolute youngest kid in your class.  A lot of people told me I should wait to put you in kindergarten.  We were in a new place where people spoke with an accent that was hard for you to understand.  Your sister was still new and you were still recovering from the stress of her birth and heart surgery and the cross-country move.  But I knew you and your ability to learn easily and work hard.  So off to kindergarten you went. 

And you breezed through the year with no problems.  You made friends.  You learned how to read, and read well.  You learned how to write, and write well.  You learned how to count money and recognize different patterns.  You learned how to add, subtract and even some multiplication.  You learned about good manners--including the Southern "yes sir/yes ma'am"--and then you have tried to be more of a gentleman at home too.  You were the "Terrific Kid" twice.  You even picked up some of that accent that you didn't understand at first.  Your love of learning blossomed as you grew.  Your constant quest for knowledge is exhausting to me sometimes, but I love how eager you are to learn everything about EVERYthing...even though I don't know the answers to all of your questions.  I love that you think highly enough of me that you think I should know everything!

You have a tender heart.  You set a good example for your brother and sister of cheerfulness and kindness and generosity and inclusion.  You are quick to forgive others of their faults and you like to have things be peaceful and happy in our home.  You are a great helper and I love how I can count on you to be obedient when I ask you to do things.  You try so hard to do what is right!  You have a light that shines brightly and draws people to you.  You have more wisdom and understanding about the purpose of life than five years of life usually allow.  You are a joy to be around.  You are a great blessing in my life.

On graduation day, Mrs. Stegall told me that she thought this would be the first of many graduations for you.  And I think she is right.  You will go far, Little Man.  Nothing can stop you from achieving whatever it is you want to do. 

I love you!


Getting his "diploma" from Mrs. Stegall and Mrs. Cork.
The Happy Graduate
(We tried to get a good graduation-jump picture. Not quite what I was hoping for, but we went with it.)
T-Man and Mrs. Stegall--his fabulous teacher!


Nonte Family said...

Tears are in my eyes, I miss T-man so much! Tell him we're proud of him and Audrey thinks he is really cool.

Wendy P said...

Congratulations, T-man!!

Kate said...

You cut your hair off!! it's way cute! :) And I agree, congrats T-man!

Nicole said...

I can't believe he is getting so big. I bet his little accent is adorable!

Also, your hair is super cute.

Angela O said...

Congrats, T-man! I love the family picture--Miss B looks like she desperately wants that tassel :)

Katy said...

Love his expression and hands on his hips in the family picture. What a character! Cute family!

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