Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Corner of The South

I've been neglecting my blog and reading others' blogs lately because things have been so crazy that when given the chance to  choose between 1) napping or 2) anything else...I've been taking option 1 just about everytime.  The past 3 weeks have been crammed full of friends' birthday parties, end-of-the-school year activities, piano lessons, trying to figure out what to do with my new calling as the Primary President at church, Dr. C coming home late because of traveling to some random cornfield out in the middle of nowhere, plus marathon training, and just the normal household day to day stuff.  It has been BUSY!  I have started several blog posts, only to leave them half-finished because I fell asleep in the middle of it!  I'll finish them at some point I suppose.  I'm going to finish this one though!

Today's post is about The South. 

I won't lie--it has been a big adjustment for me to live here.  I think most of that is because I've had to get used to living in The Village, as opposed to The City.  My three biggest complaints (and they are BIG) are:
  1. Lack of quality medical care.  Those of you that read often know about Miss B's medical adventures, almost every single adventure involves me not trusting the doctors here or having to travel several hours to get to a specialist or the time that the local Village hospital people were not planning on wearing gloves while taking Miss B's blood. Nice.
  2. Lack of quality education.  T-Man and Fearless watch movies at school--ALL. THE. TIME.  I can understand occasionally, or as a treat that they've earned, but when T-Man comes home and tells me they have been watching movies even in PE class, I get a little crazy.  I already have nightmares about when Miss B turns 3 and will leave the Early Intervention program and be under the school's jurisdiction.  Seriously, pure panic.
  3. Ok, so this one isn't a big complaint--and definately not as important as the first two--but I could really use a Target, Kohl's, Costco or Sam's, and a good craft store.  We have Wal-Mart but I will do just about anything to avoid going there.  Target is a happy place, Wal-Mart...not so much.

On the flip side though, there two things that I absolutely LOVE about Our Corner of The South.
  1. Winter here is amazingly short and not so bad.  We had a few really cold days...and we even had one snow day (which I will have to post pictures of sometime--hilarious!!  And it cracks me up when it is 50 degrees and people are bundled up in their fur coats and big winter boots!) but by February, we were leaving the coats and gloves at home and by March the boys were in shorts.  Compared to Nebraska winters this place is FabulousSimply Fabulous.
  2. Southern hospitality is THE BEST.  People here are just friendly and welcoming everywhere you go.  The neigbors are neighborly, the store clerks are friendly, and people are just geniunely nice.  I thought the Midwest was a welcoming place...but, I have to give credit to the South for having the Midwest beat.  I'm hoping that I'm learning a few things and that we will have great Southern hospitality too.  I never really understood it until we lived here.  It has made my transition MUCH easier than it would have been otherwise.  LOVE IT!!
And that's my update on living in Our Corner of The South.  Feel free to come visit and check it out for yourself!


gwenolivia said...

I absolutely agree with your points. We live in rural VA and all those things drive me crazy. Even before we had a little one with Ds I was not feeling good about being here. Good for you for focusing on the positive, it's something I try to think about often as well. Still want to move though!

Becca said...

Oh, I hear ya about not having time. And I'm jealous that you actually find time for naps! I've never spent much time in the South, but I do not know what I would do without Target...

One good thing about your daughter going into the school system is the IEP - she'll have every goal and how to reach it spelled out. It's the teacher's and therapists responsibility to adhere to the IEP, and if you say you don't want her watching movies during PE (yikes!), then they need to abide by that. You will get to dictate how much communication you want to have with them and will have every right to follow up as often as you like. :-)

Talley Images said...

So, so with you on Target... I have longed for this... but on a good note, it saves me money b/c I cant go... :)

For education, you need to move to Columbus... we have some of the best public elementary schools... seriously.

Nicole said...

I had a similar freak-out to "Scooterville". Alexander does it sometimes in PE. They ride around on scooters (the small flat 4-wheeled things you can sit on) and go to different places - the post office where they can write letters to friends and family, the CANDY store where they get a piece of CANDY, the movies where they can WATCH A VIDEO. It makes me nuts! IN PE!

Emily said...

I don't know anything about the South... but I'd love to visit!
I know what you mean about neglecting the blog due to "Primary President responsibilities!" Keeps me busy, that's for sure!
Oh... and Target... MY HAPPY PLACE! Have a fabulous week!

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